Losing Weight as a Family

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  • I write a lot about motivation, and how to keep yourself motivated,  and I would like to touch on families with obesity this week, and how to keep yourself motivated as a family unit.


    I'm by no means a how-to writer, but in my own efforts to lose weight, I find family is heavily involved. A lot of the members in my family are overweight, or at least wanting to lose weight, and I thought I would share a tip for people who either a.) have family members who need to lose weight or b.) have people close to them who want to lose weight as well.


    This tip is something my mother and I have struggled to impliment into our weight-losing schemes and inspired heavily by The Biggest Loser. It's also a great way to celebrate familial closeness and bring forth more opportunities to bond with the people closest to you.

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    Basically, everyone who wants to join us in our endeavors inform us of how much weight they want/need to lose. We combine their goals with our own, which supplies us with a grand total of how many pounds we need to lose, as a family.


    That way, it becomes not only just a personal goal to lose weight, but a family goal - we work together to lose what weight we need to lose ourselves, and in turn we work together to reach the goal as a group.


    Clearly, it isn't necessary, and might seem pointless to you at first, but I find it helps with motivation. You feel less alone and part of a team, and some people just work better with a team than they do on their own. It lessens feelings of 'I can't do this,' 'this is too difficult', or 'I just feel alone in my efforts'. When you work as part of a team, everyone is struggling with what you are struggling with, and if you strive to lose weight together, you can motivate each other as well.


    Good luck, and remember: the weather is gradually becoming more nice - spend some time outside!

Published On: April 05, 2010