Avoid the Pitfalls of Unhealthy and Destructive Eating

Kimberly Cacey Health Guide
  • I wanted to touch on what I wrote about in my last blog a bit more, but take it in a slightly different direction. You don't necessarily need to have an eating disorder to be losing weight unhealthily. A lot of people take bits and pieces from various eating disorders and combine them into their weight loss routines in a less severe degree. It isn't a conscious act, but I've noticed that it's a very common thing for people to do and I've watched a small few develop eating disorders because of it.


    If you're skipping meals, taking pills, employing fast weight-loss diet plans, or fasting for half a day or a whole twenty-four hours once a week (which is precisely how my eating disorder started), here are a few reasons why you shouldn't, both weight and health-related. Everyone knows losing weight is difficult, but you should still keep these in mind:

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    • Losing weight by skipping meals and starving your body will result in weight loss, but it will also cause you to gain weight more easily once you stop and faster than you would have if you had never starved yourself at all. This is also true for every pill or rapid weight loss diet plan.
    • While fasting isn't the same as starvation, fasting is just as harmful over an extended period of time. Fasting is something one can heal from but it isn't something that should be used as a form of weight loss. A lot of people who fast aren't familiar with the structures and protocols as others are, particularly those who fast for religion or other similar purposes. Constant fasting can deprive the body of important nutrients, which can suck weight from your muscles and even your bones!
    • A malnourished body develops a lowered immune system, making it more prone to falling ill. It can also lower your mental capacity and the strength of your bones.
    • Even people without the eating disorder bulimia nervosa have used 'purging' - the act of vomiting directly after a meal - as a form of weight loss. This is a horrible idea, as it can rupture your stomach and esophagus, creating tears in the lining.
    • The use of drugs to assist in weight loss can be dangerous to your stomach as well and can often cause feelings of withdrawal once discontinued. You will most likely gain the weight back if you depended entirely on the pills for your weight loss.


    All in all, focusing on the intense need to lose weight as quickly as possible is one of the things that can cause an eating disorder. It's the manner of thinking that needs to change in order to focus on losing weight healthily instead of quickly.

Published On: April 26, 2010