Walking Tips to Lose Weight

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  • I know it has been awhile since I posted, but I do have a valid excuse: I've been moving! And the good thing? It's done wonders for my inspiration, motivation, and weight loss in general.


    By moving, I do mean moving out of my mother's house. I used to live in the country, in the middle of nowhere.  While the walks were peaceful, they were incredibly boring. It zapped my inspiration to walk and made it incredibly taxing just to attempt it.


    The good news for me is that I moved in with a friend, who lives in the middle of town. While the town here is the most boring place I have ever been, it's at least more lively than the middle of the country, and since moving I have taken up walking every day from one end of the town to the other. It is approximately 0.7-1.0 miles, and I walk to and back, meaning I clock in nearly 2 miles a day now!

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    This is far beyond any other distance of walking I have managed, and while the weight loss hasn't shown on the scales (due to muscles weighing more than fat), everyone has commented on the fact that I'm slimming down.


    If you, yourself, suffer from a boring area to walk in, there is nothing wrong with driving to a place of your choice, parking your car, and hitting it on foot. If there is someone you know who lives about a mile away, walk to their house instead of driving. Eventually you get used to the distance, to the point it seems like nothing, and you can manage walking even greater distances.


    A quick tip: have your Ipod/mp3 player with you, and a bottle of water in one hand. The combination of both makes the amount of effort you need to give much less!


    However, never forget these important safety precautions:


    • The temperature the past couple of weeks has been scorching. Never, ever walk during the hottest part of the day unless you are 100% accustomed to doing so, and maybe not even then.
    • Try walking early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun is going down and the temperature is cooler.
    • If you're walking late in the afternoon, try to calculate the time so you know at what point you need to get back to your car/home before the sun goes down completely. It isn't safe to walk at night, no matter the neighborhood. Better safe than sorry!
    • Always carry a bottle of water with you, and try to maintain healthy eating through out the day. Don't just drink water when you walk, try to drink the right amount through out the day, as well as when you walk, so you are at your healthiest and most able.
    • If you aren't used to walking at all, try walking half a mile on flatter ground when the temperature is at its coolest, then walk back. That's a whole mile in and of itself. You never want to over-exert yourself; instead you want to build up.
    • The most important thing to remember is the heat. If you begin to have a headache, feel dizzy/weak, or otherwise can't bear the idea of walking any further, find somewhere cool as soon as possible and sit your butt down. There are people having heatstrokes every day, and you will want to avoid this. ...For obvious reasons.
    • And again, I reiterate: wait until the temperature has cooled off and the sun is rising/setting before you walk. This tip is good for anything you have to do outside, actually.

    Never put your health at risk for the sake of losing weight.  Just remember to be safe and have as much fun as you can, and even though the pounds won't fall off the scale immediately, you will have far more physical results and you're going to feel more active and healthy and therefore, more happy!

Published On: June 21, 2010