Managing Stress and Your Diet

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  • When you have piles upon piles of insecurities due to your weight, things such as bills and family can increase your stress rate to, oh, I don't know - 9,999,999%. It's especially bad if you're like me, a 19 year old girl. Which is basically keyword for 'young and stupid and completely unable to budget her stuff'. Teenage girls already have insecurities - pile them on top of trying to be an adult for the first time in your life can really make you want to give up on losing weight just so you have more energy to focus on other things.


    When you're young, and the person you're living with just a month after moving out of your mother's house says 'you owe me rent' then gives you only a couple of days to give them the money, it makes you think: oh geez, I would have the money if I'd saved up a little of my paycheck every week to go with the paycheck I made this week! For instance, I was under the impression I would have at least a week's warning, so I would have time to work and make the money. But the fact of it is that my lack of money is not my roommate's fault, it is solely mine. An adult would have budgeted, put aside money in advance, which I did not - but I digress.

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    The point is that, no matter who you are, what age, what job, everyone still has stress. Some people eat when they're stressed, some do not, but stress levels can really be a huge problem for emotional eaters. I am an emotional eater, and the stress further incurred by my dwindling maturity levels and inability to think ahead has left me wanting to munch on every frozen pizza and tub of ice cream in the vicinity. Which is an issue if you live with other people who also need to eat to survive.


    So, to help all of you emotional eaters dealing with stress in your lives (thus encouraging the amount of food you eat), or *anyone* dealing with a lot of stress as of late, I have compiled a list of a couple of articles with information on how to quick-fix your stress levels or lower them in the long run! I've read each one and they have all helped me in some way or another.

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    How to Lower Stress in Your Life
    Stress Management: How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress


    Stress isn't always directly related to weight loss, but low stress levels are essential to being able to stick to your weight loss goals without a lot of fuss.

Published On: July 14, 2010