Losing Weight is a Process; Don't Expect Immediate Gratification

Kimberly Cacey Health Guide
  • How easy would life be if immediate gratification was the key to weight loss?

    How many of you who have struggled with your weight given up because it wasn't immediate gratification?


    That's the problem with a handful of people who have struggled so thoroughly with their weight without properly trying. The idea of all that work is a daunting one, crippling in its ability to make you give up, and it's what held me back for so many years of my life. Most of my teenage years so far have been spent like this - fearing all of that work, wishing it would just happen.


    Maybe it's because some people are lazy, but sometimes it's just about fear. Afraid of the work, afraid of failing - and you can't really blame them. Weight loss takes determination, courage, and the will to believe in yourself. The will to not give up if you're losing weight and suddenly stop. Willpower to say no to certain types of food, to extra servings, to midnight snacks.

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    But I finally tried when I hit 16, weighing 270 pounds at a mere 5'2. I'm 18 now and in two years I have lost 55 pounds. I'm now 215 pounds at 5'2 and I feel <i>wonderful.</i> However, I have struggled with a plateau for months now. Depression came along with it and I did something that so many people do - I gave up.


    The weight loss came when I changed my lifestyle, though, so I didn't gain my weight back. My lifestyle is healthier now and I have maintained 215 pounds for the past few months without gaining and, unfortunately, without losing.


    So that's my new years' resolution: to give up on giving up and kick my behind into gear. It's time for me to work on losing the rest of this weight in a healthy way. That is why this blog is such a great idea for me - I hope to inspire and <i>be</i> inspired, to swap stories with people from different walks of life than my own.


    No, I don't have a specific goal. Goals can be smothering, they can stress you out if you don't meet your goal in the given amount of time. I want to be healthy, I want to go out and live life. Exercise? Of course! I can exercise by taking a walk through the park, a walk on the beach, or a walk through the city - there are so many enjoyable ways to exercise without feeling like all you're doing is exercising.


    I'm excited about sharing the ups and downs of my experience with all of you and I hope to read about your own. This site has given me so much inspiration already and I feel empowered - I can do this, and I don't care how long it takes me. As long as I lose the weight healthily and enjoy it while I'm at it, how can it not be worth it?

    - Kimberly


Published On: January 01, 2010