Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Progesterone Helps Weight Loss

Progesterone Helps Weight Loss

It can certainly be frustrating to do all the right things to lose weight or to maintain your weight at a healthy level and not get the desired results. You eat right and you exercise and still do not get the dividends. 


If you are a woman who has had a child, used... Read moreChevron

Testosterone Helps Female Weight Loss


Testosterone Helps Female Weight Loss 

Testosterone is steroidal hormone produced by both men and women, although... Read moreChevron

TCA Chemical Peel and Small Facelift Revision - My Bariatric Life

Regular readers know that I had facial plastic surgery in December of 2013. My facial plastic surgeon did an incredible job of removing all of my sagging excess skin. She truly took 15-years off my... Read moreChevron

Tips to Avoid the Freshman 15 Weight Gain


By this time every September, colleges across the country have started classes. All schools have traditions; Some similar, and others, unique.... Read moreChevron

Use Your Mind to Create Weight Loss


I recently enrolled in the School of Metaphysics. When one hears metaphysics, they might imagine a Harry Potter setting, with students... Read moreChevron