My Bariatric Life living life after weight-loss surgery: How Will You Fill-in Your Dash?

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  • SmileI came to the realization recently that my life is the dash between the date I was born and the date I die. Do you know what I mean by the dash? It's that short line that will appear on my tombstone and sums up my life(span): 1970 - 20XX.

    And along that dash are the many moments in time that make up my life. So, I got to thinking, now that I am not spending all those precious moments eating, how will I fill-in my dash? What will I do to make this life, my life, a life that is worth living?

    Today, I am grateful to God, my healthcare providers, my coaches and mentors, myself, and those who join me on this journey of lifetime weight loss and obesity management. I am able to live my life fully, filling my dash with moments -- each one precious in its own right -- and making a difference in my relationships, my community, my organization, and society.

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    How do I do this? Well, with my relationships I have learned to put the past in the past, to stop holding resentments in the present time from things that happened a long time ago and which I can do nothing to change. I found that I was being held a prisoner by my past because I kept putting it in the present time. In this way, I was not able to move forward. Today, I create every moment... I chose to be who I am with someone not based on what happened in the past but on who I want to be in that moment, which is usually a delicious and loving relationship.

    To make a difference in my community, I volunteer. As a member of the Shade Tree Commission in my town, I was able to get many street trees planted in my community, and in my neighborhood, and even on the street that I live on. This improves the beauty of our neighborhood thereby increasing home values, and also improves energy efficiency by way of reducing heating and cooling costs for homes. I also worked with the mayor to get three street lights installed on my block so as to improve safety and security.

    In my organization, I am a much better employee now that I am not miserable and hating myself and everything because I am obese. I also am no longer held back by my obesity -- let's face it, there is unspoken discrimination of obese people in our society. Once I lost the weight, I was immediately promoted and have continued to see my career soar over the last 8yrs since my weight loss surgery.

    And I contribute to society by doing things like writing this blog so as to share my experience. And in the past, I have written other blogs, and a newsletter, and have hosted a forum on an International weight loss surgery patient web site. I want others of the formerly fat to come to know for themselves what I have come to know for myself and for my life. 

    There are many more things I will do to fill in my dash... I have only one life -- this moment right here, right now, followed by the next precious moment. I give up the acts of the past and declare my independence from food obsession. What I am creating for myself and my future is the possibility of harmony, joy, abundance, and greater possibilities. And THAT is who I am.

Published On: March 30, 2011