My Bariatric Life: Food and Nutrition Guidelines for StomaphyX Revision Weight-Loss Surgery

My Bariatric Life Health Guide
  • Many patients who've undergone gastric bypass and subsequently failed to lose all of their excess weight, or whom have experienced some weight regain in the years following their surgery, consider revision surgeries such as StomaphyX. In this sharepost, we'll look at the post-surgical food and nutrition guidelines, provided courtesy of a bariatric surgeon who performs this procedure (see credit below).


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    Food Choices
    Eliminate sweets and sugar
    Choose lowfat foods less than 5g fat per serving
    Consume 30-40g fat every day
    Eat 100g protein every day

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    Consume 1000 calories per day maximum
    Add one new food at a time
    If a food disagrees with you, discontinue it for 2-3 weeks

    No high calorie beverages, including fruit juices
    No carbonated beverages
    Sip 64oz of water a day
    Do not drink 30 min prior or 1-hour after a meal

    Allow 30 min to eat
    Eat slowly, put down your fork between bites
    Wait a few minutes between bites
    Cut up food well and take small bites (esp meat)
    Chew food thoroughly before swallowing (15-20 chews)

    Behavior Change
    No grazing or mindless munching
    Eat only when hungry
    Stop eating or drinking as soon as you feel fullness
    Take your prescribed vitamins every day
    Keep a food diary every day

    StomaphyXFood Guide
    The first few weeks following your procedure are the most critical time for your plications. During this time, you should remain on a diet consisting of liquids and soft foods only and eaten in small meals.

    Post StomaphyX Weeks 1 through 4
    Strained soups
    Nutritional supplements (chewable, powdered, liquid, sublingual)
    High protein drinks (can add pureed fruit and/or natural creamy peanut butter)
    Yogurt (sugar-free or light)
    Well cooked and pureed vegetables

    Post StomaphyX Weeks 5 thru 6 add the following
    Cottage cheese
    Moist and boneless fish
    Canned fruit in natural juice w/o skins
    Non-fibrous fruit (banana, melon, berries)
    Soft eggs
    Cooked vegetables

    After the intial weeks you should be able to return to many foods. However, it is still important that you do not overeat, swallow large portions, or drink large quantities of carbonated beverages or alcoholic beverages.

    Post StomaphyX Week 7 add the following
    Fresh vegetables
    Artisan and high fiber breads
    Fibrous fruit (citrus, apples)

    Post StomaphyX Week 8 add the following
    Gassy foods (onions, legumes, cabbage)
    Long fiber fruit and vegetables used sparingly (pineapple, celery)

    Source: Mehta Bariatric Center


Published On: April 13, 2011