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  • WinkSummer is nearly upon us and the 4th of July picnic is just around the corner! And if you're living life after weight loss surgery, this doesn't mean that you have to miss out on this staple of summertime fun just because you're not eating potato salad or brownies. In this sharepost, I'll share bariatric-friendly picnics that will add enjoyment without packing back on the pounds!


    According to the Pouch Rules for Dummies, the ideal meal for a mature obesity surgery patient is:

    • ½ of the meal is low fat protein,
    • ¼ is raw or lightly cooked low starch vegetables, and
    • ¼ is raw fruit

    Based on this ideal meal, the following are ideas for a variety of grain-free, bariatric-friendly picnics for the 4th of July - or any occasion!

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    The (new) Great American Cookout!

    Using Red Leaf or Boston lettuce as a wrap, layer a grilled turkey cheese burger with diced red onions and a sour pickle slice.  Top with a dab each of organic ketchup and spicy mustard. Then wrap the leaf like a blanket around the burger for a delicious grain-free, guilt-free version.  For a fantastic side dish, try Kohlrabi with Sour Cream and Dill, which uses low starch kohlrabi and carrots - great served warm or cold. Finally, add a wedge of iced cold seedless watermelon. If you want to indulge your sweet tooth for the holiday - it's OK to do so on occasion, just make sure you follow the pouch rules! Try a smidge of these heavenly Flourless Brownies from The Spunky Coconut Cookbook. Set your picnic table with a red and white checkered table cloth and enjoy this bariatric-friendly remake of your all-time favorite cookout!


    A Tisket, a Tasket, a Wicker Picnic Basket!

    My husband and I once enjoyed a wonderful ploughman's lunch, packed in a wicker picnic basket, while enjoying the vista of the Connecticut River Valley from Gillette Castle. Here's my chic version for the mature obesity surgery patient - most of this can be purchased from your local upscale grocer. Pack a "taste" of each of the following in plastic containers: white Cheddar cheese, endive leaves spread with herbed cream cheese, smoked trout, a pate or terrine, deviled eggs, smoked almonds, cornichon pickles, pickled asparagus, and pickled garlic. Bake grain-free dark "rye" bread. Add an apple and some frozen grapes. Place the containers in an iced thermal lunch tote. Pack the tote, plates and utensils in a wicker basket and bring along a tartan plaid cloth to sit upon. Find a scenic spot and get ready to enjoy an upscale bariatric-friendly version of the ploughman's lunch with your special someone.


    Take a Hike!

    Grab the kiddies and go hiking! This picnic will travel in backpacks allowing everyone to hike to their destination and enjoy a meal a few hours later. The standard snacks for hiking - sugary granola and dried fruit - are easily replaced with portable bariatric-friendly fare! Make a batch of OMG! Almond Joy Protein Bars. Cut up kid-friendly veggies like carrots, celery sticks, zucchini, and bell peppers and whip up some Cashew Cream Dill Sauce (dairy-free) for dipping. Buy (or make) your favorite jerky, or some cured meats. Pack everything in individual serving-size zip-lock bags or plastic containers. Make sure you have one thermal lunch bag per person and place single-servings of the picnic fare in each bag along with an ice pack. Place a lunch bag in each hiker's backpack and add a plum and an apricot and plenty of water!


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Published On: June 06, 2011