My Bariatric Life: The Seven Deadly Sins of Weight-Loss Surgery Patients

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  • Weight-loss surgery patients are consistently guilty of sins that hurt their success in maintaining long-term weight loss.


    We've all heard of the Seven Deadly Sins. They're ancient, appearing back in Proverbs as "six things the Lord hateth, and the seventh His soul detesteth." As a lark, I've dug up the age-old Seven Deadly Sins and applied them to weight-loss surgery patients - beginning with myself, and it ain't pretty folks! Take a hard look in the mirror and see how many apply to you.

    • Lust: When choosing what to eat, do we choose what is healthful for us or do we give into our lust for <insert temptation here>? Fat ain't pretty; yet all too often weight loss surgery patients sabotage their success by slowly reverting to old eating habits overtime. Why? Makes me wonder why they had the surgery in the first place.
    • Gluttony: Too often we try to shovel every last morsel on our plates into our mouths. Feeling full and still got a few spoonfuls of veggies and a quarter of a chicken breast left on your dinner plate? Eat it up! Eat until you are bloated and the food feels like it's stuck in your pouch. Keep muttering that it's still less than what you would have eaten in the past. One day it won't be.
    • Greed: Greed has a fragile relationship with lust. Sure we want to look great, but we also want to eat what we want. We want to be "normal" like those gals who walk into Mickey D's in size 9 jeans and order a value meal. It's a fine line we dance between genuinely taking care of our health and feeling normal about what we eat.
    • Sloth: Ah laziness, our old friend: the easiest and safest path is the one most taken, and it leads to horrid weight regain. From putting off exercising, to watching TV or playing Gameville on Facebook for hours on end, we've all gotten fat and lazy. Pass the remote.
    • Wrath: Seething, boiling anger and resentment: they're easy to experience in this nutty world. When our boss kills our good idea, when our spouse can't agree on our budget, when our kids let us down, we get steamed. Giving in to that wrath with a food binge can feel quite delicious.
    • Envy: Humans are naturally competitive, but women are downright bloodthirsty when it comes to beauty. We dread that someone's lost more weight, got a tummy tuck, and looks younger than we do. And we'll be darned if we won't gossip about them.
    • Pride: In our pasts, we were known by many other names: big fat pig, blimp, fat @ss, tubby tubby two-by-four... labels we've earned with our inflated appetites and midriffs. We've lost weight - a lot of weight, for crying out loud: of course we're better than those who haven't. We went to extremes just to lose weight and their fat@sses should, too!

    OK, the sermon endeth. Just remember: if you put forth the work and maintain your integrity and honesty, the Seven Deadly Sins won't ruin your long-term weight loss success.

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Published On: June 28, 2011