My Bariatric Life: I've Kept off 20lbs for 4-yrs with StomaphyX Revision after Gastric Bypass

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  • As related in a prior article, there came a point where I found myself regaining some of the weight that had been lost from my gastric bypass surgery. I had become depressed and frightened. I feared that everything I had accomplished regarding my weight loss would soon unravel and spin away. I was back in contact with the surgeon who had performed my gastric bypass weight-loss surgery in order to discuss my options. We discussed two possibilities: LAP-BAND surgery and StomaphyX, a procedure that was new at the time.

    StomaphyX or Lap-Band Over Gastric Bypass?

    My surgeon performed an endoscope to determine if I was a candidate for surgery. He discovered that my stoma had stretched, and we decided to proceed. LAP-BAND surgery was ruled out because I did not meet the medical criteria for the procedure. Because of this, I would not be insured for the operation. He then recommended StomaphyX, assuring me that I would not only lose the weight I had regained but would also shed some extra pounds. In addition, my medical insurance would cover the procedure. We set a date for the surgery.

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    StomaphyX Revision

    The StomaphyX procedure involves the surgeon creating folds by using a special device that suctions the skin fold in and then inserts an H-shaped fastener to hold it in place. StomaphyX can only be used to reduce the size of the pouch, but the surgeon can shrink the diameter of the stomach and slow the food that passes through it.

    A current and similar option to the StomaphyX procedure is the ROSE procedure. In the ROSE option, the surgeon creates the folds manually and sutures them into place. He can either narrow the stoma, reduce the size of the pouch, or both.

    Both procedures take about thirty minutes to complete, and discharge from  the hospital is the same day or the day after. At the time of my revision surgery, ROSE was not an option as it did not yet exist. Given the circumstances, StomaphyX was the best approach for me.

    StomaphyX Recovery

    The surgery was successfully performed, and my release from the hospital was on the same day as the procedure. Following the surgery, I could not eat solids for a short period and was restricted to soft foods such as broth, soup, pudding, and jello. I was not always filled, but my stomach would hurt when I ate. I would therefore find myself sometimes hungry but not always able to eat. Fortunately, this passed after a short while.


    I was directed to see a nutritionist who made recommendations about diet and exercise. She suggested I have twice as many grams of protein as carbohydrates at every meal and that I carefully monitor my fat grams. Using, I developed a daily food plan that met her criteria and began exercising on a treadmill and stationary bike. The end result was a weight loss of between thirty and thirty five pounds. I went down one full clothing size and was more than satisfied with how I felt and with my new look. That was nearly four years ago.

    I've Kept off 20lbs after 4-Years

    I have gained back about ten pounds over those years but have managed to maintain twenty pounds lost after 4-years. There is some disappointment regarding the weight gain (there always is) but I am satisfied overall. Most important, I continue to do what I need to.  Good luck to you all.


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Published On: January 24, 2012