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  • My husband and I have decided to go primal. Fred Flintstone, Alley Oop, hunt and gather, eat it straight from the vine, loin cloth optional primal. Okay, perhaps not primal to that extreme, but primal all the same. The principal of The Primal Blueprint is relatively straightforward and simple. In order to progress most usefully we must digress most wisely. We most go back. Way back.

    Anthropologists' have not discovered any evidence to suggest that our ancestors were dining on some distant cousin of the potato chip. Language skills were limited and documentation was restricted to cave walls, but no evidence has ever been discovered suggesting that the question "do you want fries with that?" was ever asked.

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    While we are on the subject of those cave walls, have you ever seen a painting of an obese cave dweller huffing and puffing because some mild exertion is about to kill him? I assume not. They are represented as lean, mean, club-carrying hunters who were able to keep pace with the game. They look conditioned. They look fit. They looked that way because of a primal diet and lifestyle. They ate what was there; what was in the cabinet of Mother Nature's kitchen.

    What Is The Primal Blueprint?

    The philosophy of the The Primal Blueprint by fitness expert Mark Sisson is that our hunting and gathering ancestors sustained themselves on wild game and foraged vegetables (aka a primal diet). Partial support of this philosophy is the observation that these distant relatives had maximum athleticism and minimal stress.


    While the life expectancy in those pre-agricultural days some 10,000 years ago averaged about thirty-three years, there are mitigating factors. Should the prey have a change of heart regarding its position in the food chain, our hungry relatives could easily find themselves on the wrong side of the menu. Under existing conditions, the potential of being mauled or eaten by a Big Mac are pretty much non-existent. Ten-thousand years ago the daily specials were habitual about biting back.


    In addition, the fatal accidents and infections of that day could be addressed or avoided under current conditions. If those factors that are currently preventable or remedied with minimal medical attention are withdrawn from the mix, the life span increases to six or seven decades.

    Key Concepts of the Primal Blueprint Diet

    Eight key concepts are the engine for the The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation. Transformation begins with the concept of a genetic betrayal. Genes respond to external stimuli. A quick look around us and a moment of half-contemplation should convince any cynic that things have changed in 10,000 years. The environment is less friendly for healthy living, and our genes have responded to their new home.


    Therefore, we must remind our new chubby genes of how it used to be, and reprogram them. The ancestral plateau of health we seek cannot be had sitting in front of a DVD player with a box of donuts and a quart of chocolate milk on the coffee table. We must eat and exercise as our primal ancestors did.

  • Our primal diets should be fat-based because our bodies would rather burn fat than carbohydrates. Cholesterol has a bad reputation that is undeserved.

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    We are what we eat, and what we eat in the SAD (Standard American Diet) is making us fat. Grains are the chief culprits and are not needed at all. The villains most responsible for heart disease are sugar and refined carbohydrates.

    The best results from exercise come from limited but intense workouts. Less is more. And, what I am about to write is shocking, according to Mark Sisson exercise and weight management have little to do with one another.

    That is the program in the nutshell of a nutshell, a composite of a composite. A great deal of flesh will fill these bones in future shareposts as my spouse and I engage our 21 Day Total Body Transformation. Stay in touch. I think you'll like it.


    And... maybe now it's time for you to join me the 21-day challenge. Go Primal! You can start anytime. And there's no better time than right now. Wink


    Up next: Primal BluePrint Diet: My First Step into the 21-Day Total Body Transformation


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Published On: February 03, 2012