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  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Save Your Life, too

    There are benefits to gastric bypass surgery that can be easily detected. Physical change and physical appearance can be readily seen, and I admit that it is nice to be complimented regarding those particular changes. I feel better about myself, and my self-esteem has grown.

    That is not why I had gastric bypass surgery. Improved appearance and elevated self-esteem are collateral benefits but hardly the primary reasons for my decision. Not at all. The primary reason for my having gastric bypass surgery is that I was afraid. I seldom felt well, and my mortality had never been so apparent.

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    Gastric Bypass Can Reduce Risk for Death

    Weight-loss surgery has been proven to be effective in either diminishing or relieving altogether obesity related medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea.

    Results from a recent Utah study that compared patients who had had gastric bypass surgery with those of an obese control group found that weight-loss surgery patients were 40% less likely to die from any cause at all compared to those in the control group. These results were determined during a seven year follow-up.

    The degree of mortality from obesity-related illnesses was found to be 52% less for the surgery group. Furthermore, gastric bypass patients were 92% less likely to die from diabetes, 59% less likely to die from coronary heart disease, and 60% less likely to die from cancer.

    These results have garnered enough attention from doctors to promote considering gastric bypass surgery as a remedy for medical conditions other than obesity. The effect of bariatric surgery on diabetes has been given the most attention due to the point that 80% of gastric bypass patients who had diabetes prior to the surgery found that their diabetes was controlled after the bariatric surgery. I went off all of my five medications for hypertension and diabetes, including insulin, in just a few short months after my gastric bypass surgery.

    Bariatric Surgery and the Effect on Heart Disease


    Another area where bariatric surgery might be used to improve a medical condition is the prevention of cardiovascular complications.

    New research has raised expectations that patients who have had gastric bypass surgery can expect obesity related heart conditions to either reverse in part or stabilize altogether. Weight-loss surgery restores the size and function of the heart to normal standards. It is surmised that the large quantity of  weight lost after surgery lowers the risk of heart disease in the long-term.

    Patients who have had the surgery have also reported reductions in blood pressure, heart rate, and bad cholesterol. Improvements in insulin resistance and good cholesterol were also cited.

    Gastric Bypass Surgery and Effects on General Health

    The large weight loss accomplished after weight-loss surgery also helps relieve or prevent other health conditions.

    Osteoarthritis is a joint disorder that wears away the joint bone and the cartilage. It most often affects the knees, hips, and lower back. Weight reduction helps to address osteoarthritis.

  • People who are overweight are at higher risk for gallbladder disease than those who are not overweight.

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    Fatty liver disease can also be prevented through weight loss. Fatty liver disease is when fat build up in liver cells. This buildup can damage the liver.

    Recent studies confirm what many medical professionals had already believed: Gastric bypass surgery not only addresses obesity but also saves lives.

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Published On: March 26, 2012