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  • Exercise will be an important part of your program both before and after weight-loss surgery. Exercising prior to bariatric surgery can improve and accelerate weight loss after the surgery has been done. A program of exercise following gastric bypass not only helps melt away pounds quicker but also strengthens your heart and increases your energy level.

    Begin slowly and get your doctor involved for supervision. Walking is a good way to start. As your recovery from weight-loss surgery progresses, you can expand your program of exercise. Thirty minutes of good physical activity on a daily basis is an appropriate goal. These thirty minutes of exercise should be independent of your normal daily activities.

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    Benefits of Exercise After Weight-Loss Surgery

    A consistent program of exercise will help you to reach and maintain your goal weight. In addition, it will help to tone muscles, improve metabolism, tighten skin that has become slack because of  quick weight loss, and lower  blood pressure.

    Exercise also helps to improve circulation and blood sugar levels.

    Types of Exercises After Weight-Loss Surgery

    As stated before, begin at a reasonable pace. Thirty minutes is a goal, not a starting point. Start with a 5 minute walk. As you begin to acclimate, transition to walking a specific distance. Eventually, the thirty minute goal will be realized.

    You do not need to exercise daily when you start your program. Three or four times a week will do. Warm up prior to your workout, and cool down after.

    As you improve your health and endurance, you may begin to explore and choose options to fill out your program.

    Strength training is exercising muscles harder than you would normally do. This can involve weight training or isometrics. Weight training can also be  done by using household items such as books or larger sized soup cans.

    Dancing is exercise. Choose a type of music you enjoy and have some fun.

    Other options include swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, handball, and golf.

    Staying Motivated for Exercise After Weight-Loss Surgery

    While exercise can help produce useful results and improve health, maintaining a workout program can be challenging. Nothing will dissolve a program of exercise quicker than boredom. Working the same routine day after day will enhance your health, but it does little to promote maintenance of that program. Be creative and mix it up. If walking has become a chore, then try bike riding. If bike riding becomes a chore, then try swimming.

    There are a number of ways to get exercise. Explore as many as you wish. If your workout program becomes a dreadful chore, you will stop doing it.

    A workout partner can help your program. Together, you can encourage one another to maintain the program and give your best efforts.

    Reward yourself for good efforts. If you maintain your program well or reach specific goals, treat yourself to some modest compensation of your choice.

    Begin a photo journal to chart your progress. Take a number of photos of yourself when you begin a program and every few weeks follow up with a new series of photos. Seeing is believing. Take note of the improvements you have made and continue recording the journal.

  • These are only a few suggestions, and I hope that you find them useful. As for me, I have a gym in my basement. It has a universal, free weights, a treadmill, a recombinent bike, an elliptical, and a stairstepper. I bought one piece at a time, often on sale, and eventually I ended up with a gym for less money than a one-year health club membership.

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    Be patient with yourself. You did not become obese over night, and you will not build a lean and healthy you overnight either. Stay with your program, and do what you need to do to keep up the good work.


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Published On: April 05, 2012