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  • I do not specifically know when the advent of fast food restaurants began, but I think I have a pretty good handle on the premise: Pick up the pace. Somewhere in time a fast forward button was struck, and the race was on. Like it or not, I am in that race.

    Behind the arches, the king's crown, and the child's pigtails is an idea for the time. Whereas everyone is in a hurry, why not provide something that is quick to make, hot to hold, and half-way decent to taste? Unfortunately, the long-term consumption of food purchased from a talking clown's head translates into the equivalent of driving a screwdriver into your heart. It is also an excellent recipe for obesity.

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    My gastric bypass surgery has addressed the issue of my obesity and the thought of using a Craftsman's tool as surgical equipment shivers my spine.

    But the fact remains that I am still among the rushed, and the fact remains that I still get hungry while on the move. Fast food is off the board, and healthy choices are the tokens in play.

    Eating Healthy While Running Errands

    There is always one more thing to do. Whether it is a trip to the post office or the market, the garden shop or the bank, the gas station or the car wash, we all have an agenda of one more thing to do.

    These tasks are normally performed just before or just after work or on a  weekend that is already too full.

    I'll bring along a few snacks when I'm running errands. They are quick and easy, no hassle treats like string cheese, almonds, protein bars, apples, or bananas.

    Eating Healthy When at the Office

    When I'm at the office, I stash away some healthy non-perishable proteins like travel tuna packets and turkey jerky. I also keep macadamia nuts and dried fruits in my desk drawer. Access to a community refrigerator is also useful and I can store a few hard-boiled eggs and a four pack of cottage cheese or have a pre-made protein shake "on ice."

    Eating Healthy When Eating Out

    When at restaurants, I forego the standard main course. A staggering entrée  supplemented with a heavy starch such as rice or potatoes is hardly the heart of a bariatric menu.

    Instead, I usually order a protein based appetizer and a nice side salad. Ask that the bread not be brought out. If what you wish is not on the menu, you can ask if the chef might be willing to make you something personalized.

    Fresh fruit is a tasty and satisfying dessert that can be followed with a cup of warm herbal tea.

    Eating Healthy When Traveling

    The same treats I take on errands are also good travel companions. Protein bars, almonds, and fruit such as apples or bananas fit easily into any carry on bag.

    Hotel rooms often have mini-refrigerators where cheese or turkey can be kept as vacation snacks.


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Published On: April 06, 2012