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  • I do not like to exercise. It is the equivalent of physical Castor oil, a bitter slurp that cannot actually be meant to swallow. I have always assumed that there is a secret reason for exercise that is guarded by some malformed Illuminati who are inexplicably attracted to perspiration and pulled muscles.

    I believe that my perception of exercise contributes greatly to my approach to exercise. I have mental images of stationary bikes and treadmills spinning endlessly until they are sucked into some black hole where memberships are free for the first six months. Not for me.

    But I do enjoy a good long walk.

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    The Trail That Washington Didn't Take

    I live not too far from Washington's Crossing State Park, a national tourist spot. It is the location where Washington crossed the Delaware with a surprise or two up his sleeve for the King's men. The area is rich with the invisible presence of Washington and his men, moving across the hard December ground. There are also a number of old and beautiful structures that mark history with their quiet dignity. There is a bridge and an eatery, and beyond that a trail which has pretty much nothing to do with Washington at all. This is the trail my husband and I selected for our day of walking exercise with our 5 month old Boxer puppy. Sorry George.

    This particular trail runs the length of an old canal and is dotted with picnic spots and designated exercise points.

    Me and You and a Dog Named Blue

    We named our puppy Blue although the title of puppy is open for dispute. He is more an overgrown tangle of ears and paws that barrels through everything in or out of his path with an enthusiasm for destruction. There is a great deal of the boy in him.

    The river flowed easily on our left side as we walked the flat dirt trail that meandered for miles. Blue was satisfied to hold stick after stick between his teeth, discarding one and grabbing another about every 50 feet. Long sticks like great rudders and short sticks like Cuban cigars. Blue is a something of a stick aficionado.

    At the midpoint in our walk, we stopped to picnic on the healthy snacks we had bought and then were on the move again.

    We experimented at the exercise points and did very little to groom our pride. The sit-ups, chin-ups and other challenges were for the past or for the future but certainly not for the day. Physical strength is just not my cup of tea.

    As the day wore down and the light began to use itself up, we turned and headed back. The air was brisk again, and the promise of spring that accompanied us on the walk up the trail was gone for the return.

    The conversation had been good, the picnic snacks tasty, the pup amusing, and the walk invigorating. And it all adds up to a good day of physical exercise. The distance of the walk was about six miles.

    I guess I'll have to modify my point of view to I don't like most exercise. Perhaps you are like me in this respect, but if you shop around I'll think you'll find that there is something for everybody. And it can be fun, too.

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Published On: April 10, 2012