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  • Some things cannot be done alone and some things should not be done alone. Life altering decisions can be made alone but it is most questionable as to whether they should be made without some bit of help. Final decisions are certainly up to an individual although there can be any number of people who lend the guidance, encouragement, and suggestions along the way. A person can then evaluate more clearly and decide how to best proceed.

    Support can come from unexpected resources. Those who are currently strangers may prove to be paramount at some crossroad in the future. Currently anonymous places may one day be braces of support filled with those friends who were once strangers.

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    Help along the way is the stuff of forever.

    The Importance of A Support Network

    Support networks provide a forum where people can relieve themselves of emotional baggage, share the positive experiences of an improved lifestyle, and return the camaraderie of peers.

    Individuals such as medical professionals or counselors can also be part of a person's support network.

    Talking about a problem can have a therapeutic effect. Speaking to others can help clarify issues that are murky. Objective reasoning can be difficult and perhaps impossible for someone bound in an emotional tangle of issues.

    Sharing thoughts and ideas with peers can bring manageability to problems that might seem insurmountable. The group can lend the support and encouragement that are needed to relieve those pressures that are blocking resolution.

    The group is also an excellent place to unload frustration and anger. Support groups are useful for talking emotionally about frustrations and concerns.

    Connection with a social network is known to have positive effects on health and perspective. In addition, a study in the February, 2008 issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons stated that patients with a good sized support network of family and friends reported feeling less preoperative pain and anxiety. Bariatric Support

    Support and counseling is usually recommended for before and after weight loss surgery by medical professionals and insurance companies. It may even be a requirement.


    Preoperative counseling is important. The first purpose is to insure that you are a legitimate candidate for bariatric weight-loss surgery. Following this discovery, explanation and details about what to anticipate in recovery after your bariatric procedure can be given. Preoperative interaction in a bariatric support group is a great avenue to gain first-hand accounts about what to expect before and after weight loss surgery.

    Post operative support can be both individual counseling and group involvement. When you choose an individual counselor, seek someone who has a history of counseling bariatric clients.

    Your support group is most functional if it is moderated by a bariatric professional.

    Online support networks are also available although they rarely involve healthcare professionals. Those who are members of such groups are there for generalized support and should not be giving medical advice.

  • Remember, the goal of a support network is to address those emotional and mental issues that weight loss surgery cannot.

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Published On: May 03, 2012