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  • The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) is a nonprofit organization founded by Antonia Namnath, a 2009 weight loss surgery patient. Supported and engineered by weight loss surgery patients, their supporters, bariatric surgeons, hospitals and corporations, the foundation raises funds to provide Surgery Grants for those people who need weight loss surgery but have been denied the service.

    Antonia Namnath, Founder of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation

    Antonia Namnath is the founder of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. She is the mother of six, and is and the spouse of a doctor. She had
    Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery in May of 2009. At that time, she was 48 years old, weighed 303 pounds, suffered high blood pressure, high cholesterol, loss of mobility, and Pickwickian Syndrome, a condition had by obese people that results in poor breathing and lower oxygen in the blood.    

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    All of her health issues are currently resolved, and her own success promoted a concern for others who were unable to have weight loss surgery because of financial restraints. Compelled by these instances, she founded the WLSFA. 

    Weight Loss Surgery Foundation Mission Statement

    The mission statement of the WLSFA is to end obesity by empowering people through a forum of education and support. Charitable services are enacted and support is given to discover solutions for improving the lives of the morbidly obese. The WLSFA also raises funds for weight loss surgery.

    Surviving to Thriving

    One of the principles of the WLSFA is providing grants to those who need weight loss surgery but are unable to finance it. A compelling presentation offered through Bariatric TV shares the story of twin sisters Connie and Rosemary, both of whom were morbidly obese. The story focuses on the trials of being obese and brings faces and personalities forward to humanize the rigors of what it is like to be obese for all of a life.

    Rosemary was fortunate enough to have insurance that covered weight loss surgery while Connie was consistently denied although the carrier for both sisters was the same. The story unfolds and happily concludes with Connie being the first recipient of a WLFSA grant. After viewing the film, the merits and courtesy of the WLSFA grants will be more than apparent.  

    WLSFA Grants

    Bariatric surgeons can refer patients for WLFSA Grants. The patient is required to secure a letter of reference from a surgeon, completed application and financial questionnaire, insurance denial, personal  loan denial, and public assistance denial.

    The perspective recipient must submit an essay no longer than five pages long that details her story. The essay will help the selection committee determine the most deserving applicant. 

    How to Help

    Volunteers who have had or wish to have weight loss surgery are always needed at WLFSA. Skills such as grant writing, bookkeeping, accounting, fundraising, and public speaking are among those of good use.

  • Corporate sponsors and donations are always appreciated.

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Published On: June 14, 2012