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  • No person can incorporate change into her life while remaining the same as she has always been. This sounds simple enough, but there is a subtle complexity to change that can lull even the most motivated among us into complacency.

    Change is a difficult, dynamic, and unfamiliar process. We have a tendency to gravitate toward the familiar even if it not necessarily in our best interest. Change is the great unknown. As human beings, we often embrace the distorted comfort of familiar self-defeating behaviors. Change can promote anxiety while that which is familiar but detrimental is at least predictable. Simply put, knowledge about a self-defeating but familiar outcome is often preferable to an unknown outcome.

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    People have weight loss surgery because they desire change. People wish to shed pounds but what are the goals beyond weight loss? Have you lost weight to improve your health? If so, what does improved health mean to you as an individual? Have you lost weight to improve self-esteem? If so, what does the more confident you wish to accomplish? Have you lost weight to improve your social standing? If so, how will the more social you interact? Have you lost weight to improve familial relations? If so, what improvements will be incorporated into the household?

    Having made the decision  that change is imperative, you might now wish to make substantive and purposeful change.

    Goals After Weight Loss Surgery

    The best place to begin would be to ask yourself what is important to you. What do feel would satisfy you or what can you do to improve yourself as an individual? Who is the person you wish to be and what do you need to do to become that person? Most important, are the goals you wish to attain truly worthwhile goals?

    Be proactive in your pursuit of the better you. Once you have made decisions about some worthwhile goals, what are you doing to make those goals a reality? Are you contributing to your pursuit on a daily basis?

    Write your goals down on paper. Bullet points are a good approach or you can be more detailed if you wish. Whatever works for you is the best choice.

    Post your goals in a place that is easily visible and where you can view them often over the course of the day. Assess your progress over the course of the day to be sure you are engaging in behaviors that will help you to achieve your ambitions. Evaluate your overall performance at the end of the day and decide if there was more you could have done or if you should have done some things differently.

    Be accountable to yourself. You are responsible for you. Do not expend energy delegating blame for shortcomings that are yours. Be your own best friend. If you do not pursue the changes you wish, then who will?

    Stay focused on what it is you are trying to accomplish as well as those things and people that will help you to achieve your goals.


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Published On: June 28, 2012