Are Weight Loss Supplements Effective?

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  • There is a base of people who claim that weight loss supplements, such as appetite suppressants and energy pills and fat burners and fat blockers, can be used safely in small amounts and can be effective in promoting weight loss. Be aware that the natural processes of the body are altered when some of these substances are ingested, and there are often times side effects. The choice to use them is subjective, but seeking objective input from experts should be part of the consideration process.

    For the most part, weight loss supplements do what they claim although the consumer should be selective and do some homework before making a choice. Consultation with a doctor or other health professional is always a good idea.

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    How Fat Burners and Fat Blockers Work

    Fat burning supplements work in a few different ways. Part of the attraction to weight loss supplements is the contention that fat can be burned away at a quickened pace -- even without exercise. There have been many disappointed consumers who found this to be inaccurate.

    Fat blockers are usually derived from shellfish, and the contention is that they rid the body of fat. The Chitosan from the shellfish binds to the fat on any food that is consumed and prevents that fat from being absorbed into the body. The downside to this method is that fat blockers prevent absorption of certain nutrients, and when the bound fat exits the body (as it must) there can be stomach pain and diarrhea.

    Fat burning supplements also act as appetite suppressants.

    How Appetite Suppressants and Energy Pills Work


    Appetite suppressants eliminate feelings of hunger and are related to amphetamines. One class of suppressants work by triggering hormones that send hunger messages to the brain.

    A second class of suppressants work by changing the process of serotonin reuptake and masking a person feel full quicker. Side effects range from feeling nervous to heart attack. In addition, as more weight is lost the less effective this supplement becomes.

    Finally, increasing the speed at which the body breaks down nutrients is an old approach for weight loss. Caffeine is a common ingredient in energy pills and is often used to accomplish this. Hormones are released into the blood stream which accelerate metabolism, but the desired effect is lost across time. Over use of stimulants can have the opposite of the desired effect and actually slow down the metabolism as a measure of preservation.

    Make Smart Choices

    Simply taking appetite suppressants, energy pills, fat burners or fat blockers and waiting for quick and easy weight loss will prove ineffective. One cannot wash them down with a Pepsi while watching American Idol. To be effective, the taking of weight loss supplements must be
    complimented by programs of diet and exercise. Weight loss supplements should only be used short term.

    Weight loss supplements work best for people with abnormal fat in their bodies.

    Normally, people seek out weight loss supplements that are produced from natural ingredients. Exercise caution and use this approach as a guideline rather than definitive criteria for a final choice. Read the claims that are on the side of the box to help determine the overall safety and familiarize yourself with the ingredients used in the product.


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    Before taking any form of appetite suppressants, energy pills, fat burners or blockers, be sure to consult a doctor or pharmacist. Search the Internet and the FDA website for any product recalls or safety concerns. Just because the product is produced from natural ingredients does not mean it is risk-free.


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Published On: August 15, 2012