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  • The Obesity Epidemic


    While many experts agree that the obesity epidemic has slowed, concerns remain. One third of adults in the United States are currently obese and projections for the year 2030 predict that number will rise to forty-two percent. Morbid obesity will have doubled by the same year when eleven percent of the population will be one hundred or more pounds over their ideal body weight.


    The slowing of the rate of obesity merits a positive nod, but the fact remains that Americans are still not getting thinner. The best that can be said is that we may be at a plateau and are no longer becoming heavier. 

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    Three Steps to Lose Weight Now!


    1. Talk to your doctor 

    If you are currently among the ranks of the overweight or obese and wish to incorporate some changes into your life, then the time to begin is now. Keep in mind that you did not gain the weight you now carry in any immediate way and that losing that same weight will take some time if you exercise a traditional approach. Weight-loss surgery is a legitimate option of course, but other suggestions will probably be offered beforehand.

    Begin by having a consultation with your doctor. Blood testing and a physical will expose any weight-related health issues you might have. Again, specific conditions or concerns may support a decision for weight-loss surgery.

    2. Plan to eat healthy, "real" foods


    Changes in your diet should be anticipated. An eating plan will be beneficial instead of some fad diet that might risk your health, especially if you have a good many pounds to lose. A food journal and a support group will also be useful additions as well as a program of exercise. Read about the tools I use: FitDay.com Food and Exercise Planners and Calculators and Overeaters Annonymous.


    If you wish to eat healthy, you need to plan ahead. A little research on the internet can lead to the discovery of many healthy recipes that also provide preparation and cooking times. Calorie and fat counts also can be found on the internet.


    Print out the recipes you like and use them as a guide when you shop for groceries. Plan ahead for snacks as well. Do your cooking at home and make sure you have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and water.


    My usual lunch and dinner consists of half as plate of lean wild-caught fish or local pastured fowl, one quarter plate of organic raw fruit, and one quarter plate of raw or lightly cooked organic vegetables. I avoid grains and starches (white potatoes and rice, corn, bread, pasta, etc). Read my Grains Make Me Fat recipe collection on Pinterest.

    3. Get moving, get active

    Physical fitness prevents the body from slowly wasting away. Guidelines for the amount of daily physical activity a person needs have been recommended by the Center for Disease Control. Recommendations for adults are based on the intensity of the activity.

    Moderate activities can be done five days per week for thirty minutes each day. More vigorous can be done three days per week for twenty minutes each day. Children can perform moderate activities daily for a period of one hour.

  • One way to measure the intensity of an activity is by how you are able to have a conversation while engaging in that activity.  Moderate activity slightly increases the difficulty while vigorous activity will make it substantially more difficult.

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    Easy as 1-2-3?


    While this sounds simple, it isn't easy. But neither is it impossible.


    For me, bariatric surgery followed by eating healthy real foods (and no grains) and getting active was what finally worked for me. Also, switching my antidepressant to one that did not cause weight gain helped. If you are interested in learning more, please read My Profile on HealthCentral.


    Others have ended obesity with dietary changes and physical activity alone. If you are interested in exploring this option, please checkout David Mendosa's Profile on HealthCentral.

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    My Story... 


    You can read about my decision to have weight loss surgery back in 2003, and since that time my journey from processed food junkie to healthy living so as to maintain a lifetime of obesity disease management. My wish is to help you on your own journey of lifetime obesity disease management. Whether you are planning or have had bariatric surgery, or you want to lose weight through non-surgical means, my shareposts along the way will help you to navigate your journey successfully.

Published On: September 13, 2012