Foods In Your Home That Want You Fat, Part 1!

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  • My pantry and my refrigerator were out to get me. I was sure of it. They harbored evil foods that had bad intentions, a sort of united front determined to expand my waistline to the point of breaking. My options either were to believe that, or believe that I was somehow to blame. Given the options, I was sure that my refrigerator and my pantry were out to get me.

    After I had my weight loss surgery, I became more relaxed regarding my conspiracy theory. If my food was out to get me, it either ended the pursuit immediately after my gastric bypass surgery or it never meant me any harm to begin with.

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    Having lost over one hundred pounds since my surgery, I am ready to concede that the problem was my own poor choices rather than a clandestine plot devised by junk foods. Having said that, here are some of the culprits who kept house with me prior to my surgery and who were evicted afterwards without notice.

    The Worst Foods in Your Fridge


    When the foods that shared my home were laying their clever traps, a hybrid sandwich of healthy choice and death wish was not an unusual choice. Start with two slices of whole wheat bread, a sliver of tomato, a bit of lettuce, some thinly sliced turkey, and mayonnaise. Lots of mayonnaise. Spoonfuls of mayonnaise. Enough mayonnaise to sink hip deep in.

    Mayonnaise is not too bad if used in reasonable portions. The problem was that anything that had a taste that I enjoyed, burst the bounds of reason and became excess in a near manic way. One quarter cup of mayo is about 360 calories and 40 grams of fat. Yum. An alternative is light mayonnaise which has 35 calories and 3.5 grams of fat per teaspoon. Better yet is another condiment altogether such as ground mustard, fermented salsa, or the Greek yogurt cucumber sauce, known as tzatziki, that is served on gyros.

    Soda and sugary drinks are the current scourge. Big Gulp laws are controversial although there is no doubt that sugared drinks are bogged down in calories. Not only are sugar-sweetened beverages staples in American households, but they are readily available at every twist and turn. Sodas are in restaurants, food markets, convenience stores, and vending machines. In addition, sodas have almost no nutritional value.

    What we should being drinking more than anything else and on a daily basis
    is water
    . Water hydrates the body better than anything else. Green and black teas also hydrate the body, have no calories, and are a source of healthy antioxidants. One percent milk has some calories but is also an excellent source of nutrients.

    Keeping alcohol in the house is another bad choice. The calories in alcohol are empty and cannot be used as energy, not to mention the overall amount of calories in alcohol. One glass of wine has 170 calories, one bottle of beer 150 calories, and one shot of liquor 105 calories. Also, the liver must break alcohol down into fat which accumulate in the liver. Fat accumulation can be spotted in the liver after just one night of drinking heavily.


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Published On: November 08, 2012