Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain: Strategy 4 Alternatives to Eating Your Way Through the Holidays

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  • Alternatives to Eating Your Way Through the Holidays

    In the many years since my gastric bypass surgery and the weight loss that has followed, I have come to the understanding that gorging my way through holidays is not a requirement. Christmas parties do not have to be affairs testing the limits of food and alcohol consumption although I imagine there is much to be said in some circles for waking up five pounds heavier with a lampshade on your head. Most people do not engage in such behaviors despite debate potential that a photocopied replication of an exposed rear end might someday be as traditional as mistletoe or Jack Frost. These things do not have the pull on me that they once did.

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    The point is that old behaviors need not be current behaviors. Former traditions can be displaced by new ones. I understand that the holidays can involve eating, and then more eating, and then more eating. Eating most certainly can be a social experience, but it is only one of many ways to share company with friends and relatives. Instead of the traditional gorging to the point of catatonia, how about some new activities that do not necessarily involve food?

    Have Yourself  A Merry Little Christmas

    There are a good many activities you can enjoy through the holidays that do not involve eating. One of the favorites of my husband and myself is touring classic Victorian homes that have been decorated for Christmas in the flavor of the era in which they were built. The houses themselves are magnificent structures and, if you know a bit about the Victorians, then you know they were both extravagant and tasteful. The tours themselves are generally inexpensive, and the many friendly visitors and gracious home owners supply a wealth of cheer that will carry right into to Christmas day.

    You can spread the spirit of the season by posing as Secret Santa and perhaps involving some friends as well. My daughter was ill around Christmas not so long ago and, much to her surprise and delight, small packages were clandestinely left on her doorstep for a period of days. Try as we might to catch her benefactor, we never did. The gifts were small, inexpensive, and thoughtful objects and the  intrigue kept our spirits high. Perhaps you might know a person or two who could use a lift. The satisfaction of random acts of kindness cannot be overstated.

    Another family tradition is making crafts for the holiday. Christmas swags can be made for a nominal amount, and my husband and granddaughter enjoyed time together last year while making a multicolored paper chain, Each day more and more links were added until it was a red, green, and blue Christmas serpent hanging from corner to corner along the dining room ceiling.

    A bit of imagination along with some good company will keep you busy across the holiday and distanced from those foods that promote tired New Year resolutions to lose weight.

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Published On: December 19, 2012