Overcoming Obesity: You Have Within You What It Takes to Triumph

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  • I like this quote from John Morton, which one of my friends recently posted as her Facebook status.


    "One of the wonderful things about having adversity, difficulties, and challenges is that they will often show you a deeper love, a deeper strength, something that you did not know existed until whatever it took to overcome those challenges showed you what you did not know about yourself and what you were seeking. You have within you what it takes to triumph. Knowing you will triumph is a blessing."


    It makes me think back to the health challenges that I had when I was obese. I had developed diabetes type 2 owing to my weight, as well as hypertension and acid reflux disease. My BMI was 46.0, super obesity.

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    Super obesity - that label truly saddens me to this day. It scares me, too. If it were not for the intervention of bariatric surgery, I may not be alive today. It is unlikely that I would be living the wonderful life that I have been enjoying for the past decade. And it is almost certain that I would not be a health guide on obesity.


    But I did triumph over obesity. And once I lost weight, all of my other health challenges fell into place. No more medications. No more insulin shots. No waking up on the middle of the night gasping for air. My diabetes went into remission. My blood pressure normalized. My acid reflux was gone.


    But my health was not the only thing that fell into place. My life fell into place, too. Everything got better - not perfect but good. My relationship with my family grew so much better. I was able to do many more activities with them than I could when I was super obese. We had fun, and this deepened our family bonds. And I got a high paying job, whereas when I was super obese I only could get freelance and consulting gigs (that's what they call temp work when you have a college degree).


    Oh, I am sure there is more but that was a long time ago, and I really want to focus on the present. What overcoming my health challenges showed me about myself that I did not know - as the quote above goes - is that I want to be a healer. I want to help others who suffer with obesity, as I once did.


    I cherish that I have a forum here on the HealthCentral Obesity site to reach so many people who are looking for the answers to permanent weight loss. Whatever you are seeking, you will find it here. Many of the writers on HealthCentral write about obesity, weight loss, and healthy eating. Just use the search feature at the upper right corner of the website.


    And remember: You have within you what it takes to triumph.


    Living life well-fed,


Published On: December 20, 2012