Worst Restaurant Meals, Part 2

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  • In a prior post, Worst Restaurant Meals, Part 1, I began a sequence that identified some restaurant meals that fill a person up while tearing them down at the same time. The calorie counts are the length of phone numbers, and the grams and milligrams of saturated fats and sodium are through the roof and rising. While researching sources, I found them to be frighteningly abundant and fairly repetitious; that is, a few restaurants kept presenting and had full menus of heart squeezing cuisine. Because there were so many options, welcome to Worst Restaurant Meals, Part 2.

    More of the Worst Restaurant Meals

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    Outback Steakhouse Baby Back Ribs - In my previous post, Worst Restaurant Meals, Part 1, I cited Claim Jumpers Beef back Ribs as a particularly harrowing choice that contained some 4,301 calories. If you are looking to downsize to a rack of ribs with 1,539 calories, 96g of fat, and 1,675 mg of sodium, then Outback has a seat waiting for you. This is something of a weight watchers improvement whereas these ribs used to contain over 3000 calories.

    Cold Stone PB&C Shake - Peanut butter is healthy if taken in small doses but when it is served in overdose proportion along with chocolate ice cream, you have the Cold Stone 1,750 calorie, 700mg sodium, 118g fat, 140g sugars PB&C Shake. And remember, this is just a drink.

    Cheesecake Factory Kids’ Pasta with Alfredo Sauce - That’s right, you have read correctly. This one is meant for children. So pull up a chair kids and dig into 1,803 calories of artery blocking delight. And let’s not forget the 86g of saturated fat, 876 mg of sodium, and 70g of carbohydrates. Like a not so friendly witch said in the Wizard of Oz, “I’ll get you my pretty.”

    Cheesecake Factory Grilled Shrimp and Bacon Club - This one has 1,930 calories, 24g of saturated fat, and 2,965 mg of sodium. If you not in the mood for bacon and shrimp, you can always have 7 Wendy’s Junior Cheeseburgers. The number of calories would be the same.

    Chili’s Honey Chipotle Crispers with Chipotle Sauce - Chicken is normally a reasonably safe bet, but when you go extra-thick with oil absorbing breadcrumbs, you wind up with 2,040 calorie, 99g fat chicken imposter.

    Applebee’s Provolone-Stuffed Meatballs With Fettuccine - Cheese-filled meatballs? You bet. And piled on top of a hill of fettuccine. After it hits your stomach, you have consumed about a day’s worth of calories and over two days worth of saturated fat.

    Chili’s Southern Smokehouse Burger With Ancho Chile BBQ - 2,290 calories and 139g of fat. As a matter of fact, pretty much all of The Chili’s burgers are over 1000 calories. If you opt out for a salad instead, rethink the Quesadilla Explosion Salad. It has 1,300 calories and 87g of fat.

    Unfortunately, I could go on…and on…and on. The thing is that most of these restaurants have meals that are perfectly suitable and choosing an alternative meal could keep your waistline a reasonable size and protect your health. Just because something is available does not mean you should eat it!


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Published On: January 01, 2013