Food and Beverage Industry's Campaign to Fight Obesity

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  • Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
    The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation website invites visitors to join America's leading brands in helping families and schools reduce obesity.


    I was born incredulous. If I had been born Charlie Brown, Lucy would dupe me one time with her pulling-away-the-football antic. After that, I just wouldn’t buy it. Sorry Lucy, but it’s a no go.

    Whereas I am not a cartoon character (depending on who you ask), I am more inclined to lean toward the benefit of the doubt, at least initially. But should I find myself on the ground a time or two, rubbing my rear end while never having had my foot connect with a football, then convincing me will become much harder. Having said that, here is the straightaway scoop.

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    A CEO-led coalition of a few hundred organizations have bonded to try and help families reduce obesity with an emphasis on childhood obesity. Some of the participating companies are Coca Cola, Campbell’s Soup, and Hershey’s Chocolate. Hmmm.

     > See how the Coca-Cola Company is fighting obesity, read "Coca Cola Launches Anti-Obesity Ad."<

    Okay then Lucy. Tigers sometimes really can change their stripes, so let’s have a look and process what we see. I know I’ll be watching, and you might want to do, as well.

    The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation

    The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation is a CEO-led coalition of more than 210 retailers, food and drink manufacturers, restaurants, sporting goods and insurance companies, trade associations and non-governmental organizations, and professional sports organizations whose shared purpose is to reduce obesity by 2015. 

    The foundation tries to help people achieve healthy weights by balancing calorie intake against calorie expenditure. The two areas of focus will be families and schools.

    Helping Families Reduce Obesity

    The foundation’s food and beverage manufacturers members have committed to reducing calories in the marketplace by 1.5 trillion by 2015 by providing families with more options. Manufacturing companies who are among the membership are attempting to meet the calorie reduction goal by creating and promoting lower-calorie options, changing recipes to lower the calorie content of some current products, and reducing the serving size of current single-serve offerings.

    A viral Together Counts Campaign has been introduced encouraging families to pledge greater engagement in family meals and physical exercise.

    Helping Schools Reduce Obesity

    The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation focuses on children in grades K-5 and emphasizes the importance of being physically active and maintaining a balanced diet. The Energy Balance 101 program provides lesson plans, curriculum, toolkits, resources, and opportunities to win grants and prizes. The source content is available worldwide and is free of charge.

    The Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes has partnered with Playworld Systems and Sports Authority to award new playgrounds to three schools.

    The Find Your Balance Challenge for classroom teachers for grades K-5 awards a $30,000 grant from Sports Authority as well as a new Playworld Systems playground as a grand prize who introduce a creative energy balance change in their schools.

  • A gold award of $10,000, a silver award of $1,000, and a bronze award for teacher training are meant to entice elementary schools across the nation to participate in the Healthier US Schools Challenge and to initiate the Energy Balance 101 program.

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    Learn about the effort to help schools reduce childhood obesity; read, "Energy Balance 101: A Healthy Curriculum for Elementary Schools."


    Now I'd like to hear from you. Do you trust the food and beverage industry to help reduce obesity? Or is this something like asking the fox to watch the hen house? Please post your thoughts in the comments section below.

    Living life well-fed,



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Published On: February 28, 2013