Evaluating Your Eating Habits to Lose Weight, Part 2

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    Eating can be a pleasurable experience. Food has a visual, a flavor, and a texture, all of which can be enjoyed unless you have fallen into the habit of shoveling food down as if it must be consumed in a specific time or else. Unfortunately, too many of us mindlessly eat our way through the day. We  miss out on the sensual experience of eating and instead are robotic consumers of meals and snacks.

    • Are you conscious of your eating habits or are you one of the mindless eaters just described? 
    • Do you snack every time you sit in front of the television? 
    • Do you nibble away while preparing a meal? Do you snack frequently over the course of the day? 
    • Do you eat late at night? 

    A bit of self-inventory will answer these questions and, if the answer is yes, you might consider making some changes.

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    Mindless Eating

    Mindless eating is pretty much what is sounds like. Your brain goes on autopilot, and your hands become busy popping anything and everything down the hatch without much thought as to what you are eating.

    Monitor your eating habits over the course of a day and see how often you eat because you are hungry and how often you eat just because. Eating for reasons other than hunger grows the waistline.

    Common reasons for mindless eating include boredom, stress, and availability of food. Simple habit is another factor.

    Portion Sizes

    When I was a child, I would heap ridiculous mounds of my favorite foods onto my plate. When I was unable to finish what I had portioned myself, my mother would comment that my eyes were larger than my stomach. As I grew older, my eyes and my stomach reached an unholy balance, and I became obese. Sorry about that Mom.

    We do not need to live in the constant trap of super-size. "Bottomless refills" and "more fries with that" are about as good a pair of ideas as giving matches to children.

    Suggestions for portion sizes are 3 ounces of meat, chicken, or fish, 1 ounce of cheese, 1 cup of milk, yogurt, or vegetables, ½ cup of rice or pasta, and 1/3 cup of nuts. The idea here is to burn off more calories than you consume but, as always, consult with your doctor before changing your eating habits.

    Avoid Soda

    If you are like most Americans, you drink too much soda. You might want to give some thought as to how much that actually is in your own life. Soda is a full glass of empty calories on ice, and diet soda is not much better.

    Some of the artificial sweeteners in diet soda disrupt the regulation of caloric intake and lead to overeating. Diet sodas also contain a lot of sodium that can cause the body to retain water. This leads to bloating and extra weight.

    The best remedy for thirst is a good, cold glass of water. In fact, drinking the recommended 80 oz of water each day can help you lose weight.


    Living life well-fed,


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Published On: March 10, 2013