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    Chapter 16

    Days 17-18 Tummy Tuck Post Op, So This is Swell Hell


    tummy tuck swelling


    Although my ultrasound performed on Thursday, May 2nd, had shown a seroma too small to drain, I continued to feel that something was very wrong. So two days later I emailed my surgeon:


    I am wondering what is going on with my body because it feels like more and more fluid is pooling. I definitely can push it around more than I could previously. If I push up on my pubic mound I can feel the wave like movement … on both sides of my lower abdomen, all the way out above the pelvic bones. It feels like an air bubble inside fluid on each side. The same thing happens if I push anywhere on my abdomen at or below the belly button. Last night as I lay in bed, slightly on my left side, that part of my tummy became lop-sided, as if all the fluid was pooling there. When I turned slightly on my right side, the same thing occurred.

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    So, here is what is running through my imaginative mind. The entire area below my naval down to my pubic region and out to my hip bones is not having the skin fuse properly to the tissue and that is why I can push this fluid around…Something is wrong.

    My surgeon was prompt to reply to me:


    What you describe certainly seems like a seroma. I think you should see somebody locally. I am very surprised the ultrasound proved to be so inaccurate. It is usually very reliable. We of course would be happy to see you at any time.


    I decided that if this was a seroma then I would fly back to NJ to have my surgeon treat me. But first I would see a local plastic surgeon to get his opinion if this was indeed a seroma. I was fortunate to schedule an appointment with the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the local university hospital for Monday.


    However, before I could make that appointment there was a turn of events on Sunday night…


    I awoke in the middle of the night in a lot of pain. My upper abdomen was very sore and tender like it was back on Day 8 post op. My lower abdomen was even more swollen than before and it felt as if a bunch of tiny stickers were poking into it. Internally, it felt as if my intestines were in a knot or congested.


    In the dark of my bedroom, I reached down and touched my abdomen. To my horror, I felt newly formed stretch marks where there previously had been perfect skin. I went to the bathroom to examine myself in the mirror, with hope that the haze of sleep had affected my perception. But sure enough, my lower abdomen was loaded with stretch across the width of my body and going up to my naval. It. Was. Horrible. I cried just a little.


    What went through my mind next was that fluids were pooling quickly. I was frightened. I wondered if I needed to go to the emergency room and have it drained. And at 2:00 in the morning, I called my surgeon.


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Published On: May 08, 2013