Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss – Book Review

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    Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss by respected plastic surgeons Joseph F. Capella, MD, Jeffrey L. Sebastian, MD, and Peter Rubin, MD is available in paperback and Kindle editions.


    Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss – Book Review


    I read the book Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss shortly after undergoing abdominoplasty with Dr. Joseph F. Capella, one of the authors of the book. Dr. Capella has performed more than 5000 body contouring surgical procedures on weight loss patients -- representing one of the largest experiences in the world. He also has assisted in more than 1,000 bariatric procedures.

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    The book was chockfull of information that, in hindsight, would have educated me in so many aspects of my tummy tuck before surgery. I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know. Therefore, I highly recommend this book as required reading to anyone considering plastic surgery to restore their figure following massive weight loss (80-lbs. or more).


    Cosmetic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss is Complex


    By reshaping the body into its ideal proportions, the true success of the weight loss is fully realized. In fact, researchers conclude that the treatment of morbid obesity should not be deemed achieved unless plastic surgery has been considered.


    Following massive weight loss, patients are left with sagging folds of redundant skin and fat that cause physical and psychological difficulties. These problems can be resolved dramatically and permanently through body contouring procedures such as the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) that I recently underwent, or a complete body lift, and other procedures such as arm lifts and breast lifts.


    The challenge is that these surgical procedures performed on the massive weight loss patient are complex and labor-intensive. And the wide spectrum of body contour deformities that can follow massive weight-loss often exceed the magnitude of what plastic surgeons have traditionally addressed. Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss helps the reader to understand why it is crucial for post-bariatric patients and patients who have achieved massive weight loss through dieting and exercise to work with a plastic surgeon who specializes in bariatric body contouring.


    Your Plastic Surgery Questions Answered


    I find that Drs. Capella, Sebastian, and Rubin, authors of Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss understand patients’ concerns as we explore having reconstructive surgery. Among the questions they answer are:
                •   How soon after surgery can I have excess skin be removed?
                •   Which surgery should I have first?
                •   How many surgeries can I have at one time?
                •   Should I have a tummy tuck or a body lift?
                •   Will I have much pain after contouring surgery?
                •   Can my breasts be restored to normal?

  •             •   Where will scars from the surgery be visible?

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                •   When can I return to work and resume physical activity?
                •   What about fees? Will insurance pay?
    The book contains 136 color illustrations and photos, including dozens of "before and after" photos of surgery patients, as well as an appendix, resource section, glossary, and index. The book is available in paperback and Kindle editions.



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Published On: July 29, 2013