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    Navy Bean and Escarole Soup with Turkey Meatballs 


    I had been away from home for two-and-a-half weeks to undergo my second phase body contouring plastic surgery. I had been eating very little home-cooked meals during that time, aside from the delicious soup a dear friend made for me. I’ve been craving more homemade soup ever since. It is the ultimate comfort food, good for whatever ails you.


    I am home now and already have made a simple delicious soup of my own creation using one of my favorite leafy greens: escarole. Escarole is a member of the chicory family. Sometimes called broad-leafed endive, escarole has broad, dark green leaves and a slightly bitter flavor. Each 1-cup serving of escarole is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins A and K, minerals and antioxidant compounds. Escarole can be served raw in salads. It’s also frequently included in soup and pasta dishes. Escarole and beans is a popular recipe made with white beans. My soup is a twist on that popular recipe, combining escarole and navy beans with turkey meatballs into a full-of-flavor hearty soup.

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    Little did I know that recipes abound on the web for escarole soup with beans and turkey meatballs. Well, I’ll throw my version into the mix because it is oh so yummy. Let me know what you think!


    This is now one of my favorite soups and satisfies my need for warmth and coziness in Fall and Winter. My husband and I ate our soup cuddled up beside the fireplace last night and watched a video. I forgot about the coldness outside as the warmth enveloped me and nourished me in my recovery. Here is my recipe for Navy Bean and Escarole Soup with Turkey Meatballs. I hope you warm and nourish your family with it soon.


    Navy Bean and Escarole Soup with Turkey Meatballs


    1 TBS extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

    1 large yellow onion, peeled and thinly sliced

    3 cloves of garlic, slivered

    1 carton of vegetable stock, 26 oz., preferably organic,

    1 carton of chicken stock, 26 oz., preferably organic,

    Equal amount of Spring water, 52 oz

    ½ lb dry Navy Beans, picked through and rinsed

    3 Medium carrots, peeled and thinly sliced

    1 tsp dried Thyme

    ½ tsp red pepper flakes

    South African Smoke Seasoning Blend (I use Trader Joe’s)

    1-lb ground turkey, preferably organic

    Sea salt and pepper

    1 Head of Escarole, preferably organic, hard stems removed and leaves torn into bite-sized pieces

    10 oz sliced white mushrooms, preferably organic, broken into pieces



    This is an easy-to-prepare soup!

    1. In a stock pot, sautee the onions and garlic in the EVOO until the onions are caramelized.
    2. Add both of the stocks and water, Navy Beans, carrots, thyme, red pepper flakes, and South African Smoke Seasoning Blend - about 4 turns of the grinder - to the pot. On medium heat bring to a boil. Then cover the pot and continue to boil the soup for 2-hours or until the beans are tender. A lot of the liquid will cook off during the process but leave the flavor infused into the beans and veggies.
    3. While the beans cook, roll your meatballs from the ground turkey and season lightly with the sea salt and pepper, then set aside. And with the remaining time on your hands, why not try my ab circuit to whittle and define your waist!
    4. After 2-hours or when the beans are tender, add the meatballs, escarole, and mushrooms to the soup. Cover and cook for 30-min longer.

    Soup’s on! Enjoy!


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Published On: October 28, 2013