7 Surprising Food Headlines for November 2013

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  • We are changing the way we think about food, nutrition, and health. So what’s the latest buzz around the internet and in the news this month? Below are some of the most intriguing insights and trends from thought leaders on this very hot and controversial topic.


    It’s about time! FDA Targets Trans Fat in Processed Foods: On November 7th, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it is moving toward significantly limiting, more or less banning, trans fats from processed foods. The FDA’s preliminary determination is that PHOs are no longer “generally recognized as safe” for human consumption. Get the full story at FDA.gov

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    You shouldn’t eat these anyway! 7 Foods That Won’t Be the Same If Trans Fats are Banned: Foods that rely on trans fats, include donuts, crackers, movie theater and microwave popcorn, frozen pizza, coffee creamers, refrigerated dough products, and canned frostings. Find out how industry experts predict these foods will change at Time.com

    Don’t eat these either! The 5 Worst Breakfast Foods: The Cleveland Clinic says breakfast foods that lead to mid-morning crashes, wreak havoc on your metabolism, encourage disease and cause weight gain include donuts and pastries, sausage biscuit, flavored non-dairy creamer, colorful sugary cereals, and a loaded bagel. Get the dish on Health.ClevelandClinic.org

    Which states will cover obesity treatments? Obesity Treatments and the Affordable Care Act: Obamacare begins rolling out this month. Find out how the Affordable Care Act affects obesity treatments such as metabolic and bariatric surgery, counseling, and weight-loss drugs on HealthCentral.com

    Talk about “nanny” government! BMI Report Cards More Harm Than Good? The American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended that all schools should notify parents if their child is overweight or obese. Nineteen states have begun to send home “fat letters” or BMI reports from elementary to high school. Read more on HuffingtonPost.com

    Paleo dieters have been saying this for years, USDA disagrees!6 Charts That Show How The War On Fat Was A Gigantic Mistake: Does a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol improve health or does it cause harm? The USDA has long recommended a diet low in fat. Now some scientists claim the war on fat is the biggest mistake in the history of nutrition. Check out this counterpoint of view on BusinessInsider.com

    Avoid holiday weight gain! 25 Recipes for a Grain-Free Thanksgiving: If you’re still looking for the perfect delicious and guilt-free menu for your celebration, then check out 25 recipes that will make your Thanksgiving feast healthy and delicious at HealthCentral.com


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    FDA Targets Trans Fat in Processed Foods

    7 Foods That Won’t Be the Same If Trans Fats are Banned

  • BMI Report Cards More Harm Than Good?

    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:

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    Sluggish Start: the 5 Worst Breakfast Foods

    6 Charts That Show How The War On Fat Was A Gigantic Mistake



Published On: November 09, 2013