The Great Weight Gain Addiction Game, Part 6

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    We are all familiar with the shell game that is still played at any given fair or carnival. Three shells are placed in a row on some flat surface. A pea or some other equally small object that is beneath one of the shells is shown to a contestant. A quick-handed operator manipulates the shells, shuffling them at an impressive speed. The hands stop moving, the shells return to a neat row, and the contestant is asked to guess under which shell the pea is.

    The shell game can be played for fun, but it is in truth a gambling game. Once a wager is made, the shell game becomes a confidence game. The contestant will not win. He has been duped.

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    Big food plays the shell game with consumers. The consumer gambles with his health while the food industry hides the pea.

    Beneath the Shell

    We have spent some time discovering what the food industry prefers to keep under wraps and will continue to do so in this segment. This subject matter has been the focus of the last few segments simply because there is a good amount of information that specific businesses find a nuisance to try and explain away. It would be so much simpler for them if we just ate ourselves obese and exploded from a diabetic ignition. Problem solved.

    Then again, we can choose to continue to protect our own interests whereas it is pretty apparent that the dealers of high fat, high sugar, low nutrition foodstuffs are in no particular hurry to help extend our longevity.

    The Center for Consumer Freedom

    While sporting a user friendly title, the Center for Consumer Freedom sounds as if it lobbies in the interest of freeing consumers from some insidious thing or other that has taken us hostage. Then again, maybe not.

    This particular group lobbies full speed ahead against obesity-related public health campaigns such as the one that is attempting to get junk food removed from schools. The Center for Consumer Freedom is primarily funded by companies such as Coca Cola, Cargill, Tyson Foods, and Wendy’s.  

    The Center for Consumer Freedom has stated that it uses a strategy that is meant to discredit the messenger by attacking spokespersons.

    It’s Really Not That Bad….Actually, It Gets Worst

    Up to this point we have explored practices that are quite certainly bad. Having done that, let’s move along from bad to worst.

    While we have noted some of the trickery that is used by the food industry to conceal facts or attempt to convince us that what we are eating might be good for us when in reality it helps tack on those pounds that eventually can kill us, there is still more going on.

    The 7th installment of the Great Weight Gain Addiction Game will note some of the more egregious practices and infractions perpetrated by the food industry. It will also give attention to the legal protection the food industry enjoys and how the United States government contributes to the problem that become the obesity epidemic and health crisis.  


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Published On: November 18, 2013