The Great Weight Gain Addiction Game, Part 7

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    A feedlot is a farming operation where livestock are fed a high-energy ration mix of grain and silage in order to fatten them up prior to slaughter.  Raising cattle on pasture is inherently more challenging than fattening them on feedlots, but many feel the results are worth the extra effort.


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    There are some pretty shady characters out there who are doing some pretty shady things. Are you familiar with the stereotype of the back ally hustler who draws a person in with a hushed psst? When approached our man in the ally opened a trench coat with the swing of an arm to expose a lining of watches. “Good stuff,” he says. “Cheap.”

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    How about a well-dressed business type who swings open his trench to expose a lining of trans fats and sugar. “Good stuff,” he says. “Cheap.”

    As I said, there are some pretty shady characters out there, and more than a handful are in the food industry. Ill-gotten goods lining the interior of a trench coat is mild stuff compared to what these guys are doing.

    Open Wide, This is Gonna Hurt

    Given the quality of some of the food that is being peddled down our throats, it is not surprising that the peddlers have a thing or two they are trying to keep to themselves.


    For instance…

    Companies who raise beef, pork, and chicken have a strong preference that you not know exactly how they raise their animals. The word inhumane comes to mind. Still, I imagine there are some who can endure the slaughter of 2000 pigs an hour or the image of windowless tunnels that replace chicken houses although it is actually illegal for photos of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) to be shown. Move along folks, nothing to see here. 

    For instance…

    It is illegal to question the safety of a food product unless you have some rock solid science to back your concern. The constitutionality of these laws is questionable but, until that is settled, thirteen states have enacted them. These laws prevent disallow the labeling of meat that is from cloned animals.

    For instance...

    A number of people who are supposed to be regulating the food system actually come from the companies they are charged with regulating. One of the more extreme examples would be Supreme Court justice Clarence who wrote the opinion that that made it legal for Monsanto to patent genetically modified soybeans as “intellectual property.” Thomas was at one time a lawyer for Monsanto.

    For instance…

    The government subsidizes many agricultural companies for the corn, wheat, and soybeans that are turned into high-fructose corn syrup and lecithin that results in cheaply priced hamburgers, chips, and sodas.

    Those who produce healthy food cannot compete because corn and soy cannot be used to produce healthy food. Corn and soy is the stuff of junk food.

    And, as was mentioned in a prior article, food companies take great liberties with labels. Farm scenes on labels are popular and effective although the closest this stuff came to anything green was the color of the shirt worn by the guy who was in charge of the additives.   

  • Part 8 in The Great Weight Gain Addiction Game reveals how food companies intentionally design junk food to be addictive.     

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Published On: November 18, 2013