5 Most Interesting Food Headlines for February 2014

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  • We are changing the way we think about food, nutrition, and health. So what’s the latest buzz around the Internet and in the news this month? Below are some of the most intriguing insights and trends.


    Soda Takes yet another Hit on the Health Front.

    California Lawmakers Want Warning Label on Sugary Drinks: (Reuters) Soda and sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) will be required to carry a warning label for obesity and other diseases if a new bill is passed by California lawmakers. California, the first state to ban soda and junk food in schools, may set in motion a nation-wide effort to require warning labels on soda. A growing body of research has identified sugary drinks as a major culprit in the American obesity epidemic. The food and beverage industry’s position is that people need education about sugar -- not legislation.

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    Fruit Juice also takes a Hit on the Health Front.

    Fruit Juice “as Bad” as Sugary Drinks, Say Researchers: (Medical News Today) Because of its high sugar content, fruit juice can be just as bad as soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages. Research published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology states there is a misperception that smoothies and juices are low-sugar alternatives to sugary drinks. The truth is that juices have a similar energy density and sugar content to other sugary drinks. The researchers advocate for labelling on juice that warn consumers to limit their intake to no more than 150ml per day.


    Study Challenges the Link between Sugary Drinks and Obesity.

    Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption among a Subset of Canadian Youth: (Dr. Sharma) An interesting study out of Canada may upset a lot of assumptions about sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and obesity. After following over 10,000 adolescents in three regions, researchers found no correlation between SSB consumption and Body Mass Index (BMI).


    The Average American Family Struggles to Afford Healthy Food.

    Food Prices Soar as Incomes Stand Still – (CBS Evening News) The median family income has risen only 1% per year. However, food inflation soars on staples such as meat, milk, and eggs! Thus the impact of inflation on families is far greater than the 6.4% reported by the government. Chicken prices have risen 18.4% and ground beef prices are up 16.8%, while bacon prices have soared a whopping 22.8% since 2011.


    Adding to the Struggle to Afford Healthy Food, Food Stamps Cut $100 Billion per Year.

    Obama Signing Farm Bill that Trims Food Stamps – (Yahoo News) While food prices soar and incomes remain relatively flat, President Obama cuts vital assistance to millions of Americans that helps to put food on their families’ tables. Nearly $100 billion will be trimmed from food stamp programs that help 1 in 7 Americans. The five-year bill cuts $800 million a year, roughly one-percent, representing one-fifth of the cut approved last fall by a Republican-led House.


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Published On: February 20, 2014