4 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

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  • It doesn’t have to be persistent low level hunger or running or jumping
    or rolling or whatever it is you do to break sweat and burn calories.
    There has to be some of that (okay, maybe not the rolling), but there
    are some Easy Street approaches you may do to help lose weight.
    Before you abandon all the hard stuff and settle into a no-diet,
    no-exercise program of weight reduction, let’s recap. There has to be
    some of that.

    While some people embrace the challenge of diet and exercise and proceed with much enthusiasm, there are others, like myself, who proceed with at least some degree of complaint (okay, not complaint, but whining.

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    Satisfied now?) Anyway, the following suggestions are supplements and
    should be used as supplements and not substitutes. Now that we have
    established that, let’s lay down and lose some weight!

    Massage Anyone?
    If you get a full body deep tissue massage one day per week it is
    equivalent to one hour of cardio exercise
    -- at least according to the website Weight Loss Theory. The rationale is that muscles that are massaged produce lactic acid as if they are being exercised.

    Massaging the muscles loosens toxins and the lymph system and blood will
    remove them from the body. The calories lost from the deep tissue
    massage will continue well after the therapy has ended.

    Massage also improves the elasticity of the skin and helps to address
    the potential for sagging as weight is lost.

    Beyond the benefit of weight, massages improve circulation, keep the
    body flexible and are great for stress reduction.

    Just Add Lemon
    If you want to accelerate weight loss then add some lemon to your water, claims the website FitDay.com.

    For one thing, both lemon and water are natural substances. There are no
    additives, preservatives or processed elements. If you were to
    substitute lemon water for soda or fruit juice, you would be ingesting
    virtually zero calories every time you had a drink.


    Drinking lemon water cleanses the bowels more regularly and removes the lingering waste that accounts for excess weight. It also reduces hunger
    because of the pectin fiber it contains.

    Turn Down the Heat
    I discussed this theory in a previous article, Turn Down the Thermostat and Lose a Few Pounds this Fall. A bit of a chill is a good thing, so turn the thermostat down. If the temp in your home is under 68 degrees, your body will burn more calories as it works to stay warm.


    Thirty to 45 minutes in cooler weather increases your metabolism as your body shivers to keep itself warm. The speedy contraction and release of muscles and increases blood flow, which in turn burns calories at a quick rate.


    Outdoor activity in cold weather is beneficial in that the cold air
    begins to work the body and the activity that follows increases calorie
    consumption. The body will continue to burn calories for hours after
    activity has ended. 

    Ankle and Wrist Weights
    Putting on a bit of weight can help to lose a bit of weight. If you wear
    ankle and wrist weights when you exercise, you will burn additional

  • calories as well as increase your strength.

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    You do not even have to be exercising per se to benefit. You can wear
    these weights when you go for a walk, or are simply doing chores around
    the house. The resistance that the weights provide will increase the
    number of calories you burn. 

    Living life well-fed,

    My Bariatric Life


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Published On: April 14, 2014