Simple Changes in Eating Habits and the Weight Loss Benefits

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  • In my previous post, “4 Easy Ways to Lose Weight,” I wrote about a few simple changes that can help lose weight. The
    recommendations made had little to do with actual eating habits, so this
    time out we’ll explore some adjustments that can be made in how we eat
    that will help promote weight loss.

    I am not going to suggest radical changes and shift to a hunting and
    gathering mode in order to erase those pounds. We’re going to keep it
    simple and pinch eating habits a bit to aid weight loss. A few simple
    changes that will help drop some pounds without the need for sweat is
    where we are going.

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    Spice Is Nice
    Cayenne pepper is a spicy food that also happens to be a natural fat
    . Eating cayenne pepper will enhance the body’s natural process
    of  burning up stored fat. This pepper jump starts the natural fat
    burning process, and the body increases the production of heat
    accordingly. The consequences of the action are heightened metabolism,
    improved ability for the body to process food, and an increase in the
    burning of stored fat.

    Cayenne pepper is also an effective energy booster and contains vitamins
    and minerals that improve the immune system.

    Get Some Barley in Your Diet
    Barley is a natural weight loss food that can be baked into casseroles
    or substituted for rice.

    It can also be used as a substitute for oatmeal at the breakfast table.
    It is rich in the fiber that gives us a feeling of fullness and some
    research suggests that barley may be effective for lowering cholesterol.
    The insoluble fiber in barley absorbs water and adds bulk which
    accelerates the contents of the intestines through the body. This action
    may reduce the risk of getting colorectal cancers.

    Protein at Lunch
    If you are in the habit of enjoying a good salad at lunchtime, add some
    protein to the mix. Protein keeps blood sugar stable through the day,
    which helps reduce hunger. Eggs, cheese, tuna and crab are all good
    sources of protein and the added flavor will perk up your salad.

    Not only does protein maintain blood glucose levels, but it also repairs
    and grows new muscle. In addition, protein is a good fuel source.

    A Little Less Variety

    Less choice when dieting can be a good thing, whereas people have a
    tendency to eat more if they are provided with a choice. For instance,
    it has been noted that if gravy is offered as a complement to mashed
    potatoes, people eat more mashed potatoes.

    The more choices a person has when dieting, the greater the temptation
    to eat. Plan ahead and draft a menu prior to doing the food shopping. If
    you abide by a predetermined menu of healthy choices, temptation will be
    less as will the overall amount of food in your home.


    Living life well-fed,

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Published On: April 15, 2014