Who Gets Plastic Surgery and Why?

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    Body contouring plastic surgery can improve appearance and confidence after massive weight loss and bariatric surgery. Photo copyright: My Bariatric Life.


    I underwent post bariatric body contouring plastic surgery to erase the last traces of my former obesity, an entire decade after my gastric bypass surgery. If you have been following my journey, you know that I had a tummy tuck around this time last year, and that I had a total body lift just six months ago. I also had facial rejuvenation shortly before Christmas.  This coming Fall I will complete the last stage of my surgery: augmentation mammaplasty (breast augmentation).

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    Who gets plastic surgery?
    Plastic surgery is not reserved for celebrities and rich housewives. The people I know who have had plastic surgery after massive weight loss are professionals like me, and others are students, laborers, housewives, and retirees. In other words, ordinary people.

    The Aesthetic Surgery Journal's February 2014 edition features a survey of patients who represent those good stats-patients who have countered the obesity epidemic after achieving significant weight loss. The survey asked which patients were most likely to have surgery to correct excess skin and in which areas.

    Here are some of their findings:

    The areas that people most wanted improvement in were:
    62.2%. Abdomen
    37.6% Upper Arms
    35.6% Rear or Buttocks
    28.3% Breast or Chest

    Additionally, the survey found:
    People with a weight loss of more than 50kg (110lb) showed a stronger desire for body contouring than those with less than 20 kg(44 lb).

    Women were more likely to desire body contouring than men.

    Younger age groups had a stronger desire for post bariatric body contouring.

    The majority of patients wanted to have body contouring procedures for both functional reasons and improved body confidence.

    How much does plastic surgery cost?
    Costs can vary widely from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon, and region to region. According to RealSelf, here are the average costs for the procedures listed above:
    Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) $7800
    Brachioplasty (arm lift) $8350
    Butt Lift $7400
    Mastopexy (breast lift) $7975

    Often plastic surgeons will offer discounts for repeat customers. Another way to make plastic surgery more affordable is to combine procedures. For example, my first surgery was a single procedure - a tummy tuck - and it cost $7000. My second surgery was four combined procedures - convert tummy tuck to a lower body lift, inner thigh lift, extended arm lift, and breast lift - and it cost $18000.

    Living life well-fed,

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Published On: April 17, 2014