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  • Oh Boy, oh boy. Talk about dividends.

    It is like the one good thing leads to another equation or the pass it forward exercise. We enter into a pleasant experience and a second and unexpected pleasant experience springs from it. Good stuff times two.

    The first dividend of weight loss surgery is, of course, the weight loss. We feel better, we look better, and we are better. Our esteem goes up as our weight goes down. Everything is just… better.

    Among those better things are love and romance and when there is love and romance there is usually sex. That gets better too.

    Improved Sex Drive After Weight Loss Surgery

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    Researchers report that almost half of the women who seek weight loss surgery have symptoms of sexual dysfunction. David Sarwer, lead researcher in a recent study and professor in psychiatry and surgery department in the Perelman School of Medicine, maintains that sexuality is influenced at the point of conjunction between the physical and the psychosocial.

    One hundred and six women who had weight loss surgery participated in a study conducted by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Participants filled out questionnaires in one and two year follow ups to assess quality of life, levels of depression, and sexual functions. Additional tests were also given to measure reproductive hormone levels. Eighty-five of the subjects had gastric bypass surgery and the other twenty-one had gastric banding.

    Overall, women had significant escalation in their scores on the sexual function of the questionnaires two years after weight loss surgery. Quality of life scores also showed significant increases, and these same women also showed an increase in reproductive hormone levels.

    Improvements in specific areas of sexual function were also reported, such as increased desire, overall sexual satisfaction, lubrication, and arousal. It was also shown that these improvements also might increase a woman’s fertility. Evidences shows a potential link between bariatric surgery and reproductive status based on the study that showed improvements in reproductive hormones.

    Women with the worst standard of sexual functioning prior to weight loss surgery had the best degree of improvement in the one year following surgery compared to those women who reported a satisfying sex life prior to surgery.

    Further investigations have been recommended to discover if the positive changes that were found continued over longer periods of time and to explore changes in sexual functioning of males after bariatric surgery.

    Researchers acknowledge that the study has limitations such as not having information about menopause and menstrual status. Both are factors that are known to influence the degree of sex and reproductive hormones.

    The study concluded that those women who participated in the study not only enjoyed improvements in sexual functioning but in weight-related quality of life, symptoms of depression, and body image as well.

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Published On: May 09, 2014