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    Chapter 25 Reflections One-Year Post Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) Plastic Surgery


    my bariatric life, dr. joseph f. cappella, cappella plastic surgery

    Left image is My Bariatric Life before my tummy tuck. The center image was taken 4-mos post tummy tuck and the right image was taken 6 weeks post total body lift with Joseph Capella, MD (Capella Plastic Surgery).


    This past week I saw one of my "before" photographs that my plastic surgeon had taken of my body pre-operatively in his office. Already I have forgotten just how awful I looked before my tummy tuck. I told him how terrible it had been to have my nude photos taken back then and how wonderful it is to now no longer be ashamed of my body. 

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    It was hard to look at the photo and reflect back on how I had abused my body for so long. But it is a wonderful dose of reality to see how far I have come and a reminder that I must now and forever take excellent care of my body. Not only did it shame me to look at my naked body in the mirror, but also it kept me from fully being present to living a life I love. I am so over the moon happy nowadays. And I take excellent care of my body -- working out several times a week and eating super healthy. I know that I can fall back into old patterns of behavior so easily and ruin all the wonderful things I have achieved. 


    my bariatric life, dr. joseph f. cappella

    My Bariatric Life before and after body contouring plastic surgery with Dr. Joseph F. Capella, Capella Plastic Surgery.


    A Tummy Tuck Really Did Change My Life

    I want morbidly obese people to know what is possible for them. I once weighed 285 pounds and was on ~10 prescription medications for obesity-related diseases. Now look at the person I have become. I eat very healthy - no processed foods, no grains (that includes corn), no red meat, no sugar sweetened beverages, no "diet" beverages or foods, no artificial sweeteners, no potatoes or legumes. I eat everything fresh, and organic as much as possible. 

    I workout. I love planks and squats and HIIT and lifting weights and sprints with my dog Blue and BodyCombat class. I hate yoga and BodyJam class and cycling and burpees and just about any cardio machine.

    Today I am a size 2 and living larger than ever! Never could I have done this without my gastric bypass and body contouring plastic surgeries. But they aren't the easy way out. It took dedication to change the behaviors that led me to be morbidly obese in the first place. I am grateful that I persisted in doing that. I am thankful that I had insurance coverage for my weight loss surgery. I am blessed to have had the money for body contouring plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation. Most of all, I am so very happy to be the person I am today.

    You Have Within You What It Takes to Succeed!

    I received a lovely message from a weight loss surgery patient thanking me for inspiring her. She told me that she realize that she could do this and was not a complete failure. 

    We have the strength within us that it takes to succeed. We just have to find it. It took a long time for me to grow up and take on the challenge of my obesity. I have been free of obesity and my obesity-related illnesses for more than a decade. The plastic surgery was the completion of erasing the sins of my past, getting rid of the telltale skin that was a constant reminder that I was a failure with regard to respecting my body for so long. 


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    I hope my story has helped you to prepare for and understand what to expect from abdominoplasty after massive weight loss. 


    I invite you to continue reading about my total body transformation through plastic surgery after massive weight loss.


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Published On: June 23, 2014