The Best Landmark Dates to Begin a Diet

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  • So when can I start my diet?

    Sorry, but I am not referring to that ultra-charged resume and smooth-speaking interview that has just landed you the job you covet. If that is the case by coincidence, then by all means congratulations. What I am talking about is that bit of bulge in your tummy and hips that needs to go.

    Perhaps it is more than that for some, and that's okay, as well. You are decided about the need for some weight loss, and now is the time for a target date. D-day as it were with "D" as in diet.

    A blindfold, a calender, and a handful of darts would be one way to finalize a decision. But before we go there I would like to make a suggestion or two if you are okay with that. So then, let's get started on getting started.

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    Temporal Landmarks

    In essence, temporal landmarks are those days when we have a different perspective about ourselves and become more forward looking. We are the Phoenix on those days, ready to rise and be new. As they say from the big screen, "failure is not an option," at least not on temperol landmark days. Our perceptions about who we are change. 

    To determine temporal landmarks, the good folks at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania conducted three experiments. The first was to explore Google to see when and how people search for info about diet and exercise. They followed that by tracking the most popular days at the University of Pennsylvania gym. The last effort was to explore a website where people self-contracted for behavioral change and lost money if they failed.

    About now you might be wondering when are these days of magic and change that promote quotes from Apollo 13? What days for optimum change were uncovered by the Wharton School researchers? Let's start with Mondays.

    Good Days

    Mondays are days of resurgence and a rise in energy. They are also days that have potential drawbacks in that people can expend energy and willpower early in the game and be drained prior to the week's end. If you are feeling a bit tapped later in the week it is important to stay focused. Change is more than just the moment we are in. It is also about starting again the next day. If the moment we are currently in collapses, we must be prepared to try again tomorrow.

    Birthdays and anniversaries are also good days to pursue those promises we make to ourselves. Researchers found that a great many people are in the gym on the day after their birthdays. The contention is that birthdays are meaningful and forward looking events that can serve as an opportunity to revisit earlier goals.

    The beginning of a season is another popular and useful time for getting started. Spring is a time of rebirth, Fall the beginning of a new school year. Researchers found that students are more likely to work out at the beginning of a semester.

    Finally, there is the old standard of New Year's Day. Old or not, there seems to be something to those resolutions in that 40% of the people who make them actually stick to them. The new year is a great time to examine the past as a point of relection for change, as well as a time to lay down blocks for the future.


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Published On: June 26, 2014