Obesity in America and How We Got Here

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  • We are a country that has become too big for our britches. All that needs to be done to verify this is to spend some time in public places. The number of obese and overweight people spotted will unfortunately support that claim rapidly enough.

    Things have changed. I search my memory bank from childhood and cannot retrieve an instance of a person who motored through a departmant store or grocery store on an electric cart because their size had become so unmanageable. It is sad, and I must wonder what happened or, put another way, what went wrong?


    We stake claim to an obesity epidemic, and I often think this seemingly political word choice has been crafted to soften the blow and spare offense to the entirely too many overweight or obese people in this country. Perhaps we will stumble upon a more direct term that does not harm, while at the same time screams the point that we have become a nation of people who are eating ourselves to death. Think about that. A nation of people who will consume and overconsume until the grave ends the excess.

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    So I'll ask again: What happened?

    More One Thing Than Any Other

    Okay, let's run down the list of suspects.


    We don't exercise as much as we should. We spend too much time at the office in front of computers. We don't eat as we should because healthy food is too expensive, and takes too much time to prepare. How about our socioeconomic status or our race or our geography? Let's not forget those. 

    While all of these may be factors, the main reason that Americans are overweight or obese is that we have easy access to cheap, quick foods that are remarkably bad for us -- and we use that access regularly. We slowly murder ourselves because it is quick, easy and cheap.

    While I don't know exactly what that says about us as an order, I do know what it means for us. It means birthdays, holidays and vacations that will never be had. It means graduations we will never attend and grandchildren we will never know. It means the retirement that will never come and broken-hearted love ones who will miss every single day. All of that can be had through the simple purchase of a heart attack on a bun because that particular death can be warmed over in under 60 seconds and costs just one dollar. This is, of course, believed to be a bargain and you will find it on a menu called by just that name.

    I should think if some person meant to harm us or our families and drew a weapon that he clearly intended to use, we would do all we could to relieve him of that weapon to save ourselves and our families. Why then do we station ourselves at drive-up windows and order a serving of weapons with a side of fries that we will not only eat ourselves, but pass along to our children in the back seat? Have we become so fatalistic that we harm because it is fast and cheap and readily at our fingertips?


    Before parting, I would like to make a suggestiion if I may: Stop it.

    Living life well-fed,

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Published On: June 30, 2014