Resistance Bands for Lower Body Workouts

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  • I recently invested in a set of resistance bands (like giant rubber bands) for at home and on-the-road workouts. I made the purchase after my trainer had set me up at the gym with a few squats and other routines to work my gluteal muscles (my butt). She praised the benefits of resistance bands and after one workout I was sold on them.


    Resistance bands come in light, medium and heavy resistance.


    Benefits of Resistance Bands

    Resistance bands, also called loop bands, are well worth the investment for me. I need a way to workout when I travel and my package of resistance bands easily fit into my luggage (and my purse for that matter). I also use the resistance bands with my BeachBody workouts on those days that I can’t get to the gym. At such a low cost there was little reason for me not to invest in them. I purchased my set of resistance bands for only $14.00

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    Resistance bands are a great alternative to expensive fitness machines and free weights. They are particularly beneficial when added to workouts for the buttocks, thighs, and hips to increase the strength of these muscles and stimulate growth. The set comes with three bands of different resistance levels: light, medium and heavy. There is no need to buy more bands as your strength increases; you simply switch to a higher resistance band. 


    Resistance Bands for Lower Body Workouts

    In addition to the lower body workouts my trainer gave to me using resistance bands, I do the BeachBody Lower Body Blast at home. View a video of the lower body blast. The band that the trainer, Chalene Johnson, used in the video is available on where it was rather poorly rated at 2-stars and retail for $6.95 each plus shipping.



    Resistance Bands by Supremus Sports 

    This quality set of three latex 10-inch by 2-inch resistance bands and storage poly pouch from Supremus Sports have a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Currently the set is on sale for $13.99 — six dollars off the regular retail price. The manufacturer claims the bands are backed by a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Do not use this product if you are allergic to latex.


    The green band is light resistance.

    The blue band is medium resistance.

    The red band is heavy resistance. 


    These resistance bands are ideal for a small-framed person like me. If you are a large body builder you may require power bands that can endure your brute force. I have used mine for weeks and they have not snapped or stretched out. 


    See Amazon for more product reviews on the Supremus Sports Resistance Bands

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Published On: July 06, 2014