The Fad Diet Fail: Avoiding the Carrot On a Stick

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  • Trying to lose weight can be frustrating. If you are in the habit of following my posts, you probably have had issues with your weight at some point in your life. Perhaps those issues were something more than frustrating. Perhaps there were times when you felt depressed and your hope was staggered because those pounds were stubborn and would not go despite your constant efforts. What would you have done to lose that weight? What did you do to try and lose that weight? If you were like I was, the answer is you would do almost anything. 


    When we find ourselves in almost anything mode, the chances for making bad decisions can only go up. 

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    Fads Don't Last, That's What Makes Them Fads

    There is a prescribed method for effectively losing weight that consists of diet, exercise, and a gradual and safe shedding of pounds. Should your prescription read something like, "lose as much weight as you can as fast as you can with a diet that may be difficult to follow, have arbitrary rules, and could actually put your health in danger," you might want to rethink your choice.


    Despite the potential for a crash and burn, we'll sometimes take those chances anyhow because we want relief ASAP and are not thinking past our impatience. Fad diets fit the bill when we need to fill desperation gaps, but the truth is the majority of them are just not worth the effort.


    The attraction to fad diets is the promise of the quick fix. The claim is that practicing the diet will produce fast and easy results with only a small effort. The promise is not too difficult to fill, and the chances of losing a few pounds in a few days are good given your restrictions on eating during that time. The problem is that the loss you experience will most likely be water weight that will be regained once you return to your prior habits. You may actually even tack on a few additional pounds.


    Your body naturally tells you when to eat and when to stop. Fad diets disrupt your natural metabolism. Interfering with this pattern can have ill effects on metabolism that can last even after the diet. 


    Fad diets also prohibit the eating of certain foods. Carbohydrates and fats may have to go, and this can cause nutritional deficiencies. Carbohydrates are an energy source and eliminating them can lead to fatigue. Good fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, are needed if you wish to ensure proper health.


    Nutritional deficiencies that can be caused by fad diets can lead to hair and muscle loss. If you are not getting enough protein in your diet, your hair will lose its health and become brittle and break. Once this happens, you may begin to shed your hair. 

    Whereas your diet will most likely be low in calories, your body will seek other ways to get energy. One of these ways is through digesting the muscles that actually aid weight loss because they help to burn more calories.       


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Published On: August 13, 2014