Avoiding Vacation Weight Gain

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  • It's August, and that means that tons of calenders are blocked off. It is vacation season: the last hurrah before the kids go back to school; the long-awaited period when we go to favorite or new places. The time to build memories, so let's pack up and hit the road. And while we are away, let's get fat.


    Let's have a "too much" vacation. Let's eat too much, drink too much, stay up too late, and lay in a heap on a chase lounge soaking up the sun, being completely inactive too much. Let's return home with 10 extra pounds packed onto our hips that we probably won't be losing anytime soon--maybe never. Let's do that. What do you say?

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    It doesn't have to be that way. How about we go on vacation, have a great time, take good care of ourselves while away, and return home the same way that we were when we left? 


    Avoiding Vacation Weight Gain

    Plan ahead. We don't hesitate to plan the places we want to go and the things we want to see, so let's take some time and map out a plan for staying healthy. See if there is a gym at the hotel where you'll be staying. Find out which restaurants have the most healthy menus. Know which grocery stores are nearby or if there might be a farmer's market.


    Find accomodations with a kitchen or mini-kitchen. There will probably be an extra fee for this, but it is worth it because you can stock healthy foods and eat in sometimes, rather than out at restaurants where calories tend to run high. Perhaps breakfast and lunch can be had in your room and dinner at a restaurant.


    Exercise daily. This does not have to be in a hotel gym. Walk the city or the trails in a national park. Rent a bike and go for a ride. Hike or kayak. Skip the tour bus and stay physical while you sightsee. If there is a pool at your hotel, go for a swim.


    Keep healthy snacks on hand. You will get hungry between meals, and these mid-meal cracks are prime time for junk food. That can be overcome by packing your own snacks and having them with you as you travel about. Raw almods and cashews are good as well as fresh fruit. 


    Water is the best choice to put some space between yourself and sugary or creamy drinks.  It keeps you hydrated, quenches thirst, and will not tack on pounds. We often eat when we are thirsty and not actually hungry. Staying hydrated will prevent this.     


    Living life well-fed,

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Published On: August 11, 2014