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    Personality. We all own one and, according to Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katherine Briggs, there are sixteen different types. The Briggs ladies developed their theory of personality type using Carl Jung's Psychological Types as a resource.


    Are you the Inspector or the Protector? Perhaps the Healer or the Architect. Maybe you are the Counselor? If so, you are a rare bird. Only 2% of women and 1% of men fit the profile. Mohanda Gandhi and Eleanor Roosevelt are among the bunch, so if you have earned the personality type of Counselor you are in good company. 

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    Personality is, is who we are. It is our essence and the product of those components that build that essence. It is the end result of how we think, feel, and behave and remains pretty consistent over the course of our lives. It is the well from which what we do and why we do it springs. 


    And because this is My Bariatric Life, do you know what else? Personality can effect weight loss, but if personality strengths and weaknesses are channeled properly then successful weight loss can be accomplished.


    Are You Impulsive?

    Those who are impulsive may be more likely to have a food addiction. Two traits associated with food addiction and a high body mass index are negtive urgency and lack of perserverance. 


    Negative urgency is behaving impusively due to feeling negative emotions. Alcohol or drugs are avenues of escape as is eating to feel better. Lack of perserverance is when someone has a difficult time completing tasks that are hard or boring. Those with lack of perserverance may struggle as they attempt to change addictive eating behaviors. 


    In a 1972 study, scientists offered children the choice of receiving one marshmallow immediately or waiting 15 minutes and receiving two. The kids who waited 15 minutes scored higher on SAT's later in life. In other words, those who can delay gratification may more prone to success.


    Are You Reliable?

    Reliability has its perks. Among them is the ability to create and stick with an eating or fitness plan, although creating a plan where you are constantly thinking about food can turn into a heavy load. Therefore, you might want to develop routines that are not specifically about weight loss. For instance, walk to places that you would normally ride to provided the distance is not extreme. 


    Are You Subject to Mood Swings?

    Some folks are emotional eaters, so the more your emotions fluctuaute the greater the possibility of reaching for food as a stabilizer. Police yourself and come to recognize your highs and lows so you will be able to apply healthy solutions when they present. Exercise is a good way to promote balance when your mood goes a bit off track. 


    Learn additional info about personality type and how it pertains to weight loss in my next post The Many Personalities of Weight Loss.    


    Living life well-fed,

    My Bariatric Life


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Published On: September 16, 2014