Easy Paleo Mexican Breakfast Skillet from Borne Appétit

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    Yes, it is a truth that our lives have become increasingly busy. We are a society of grab and go breakfasts eaters and breakfast skippers. It also is a truth that we have become increasingly unhealthy. Weight and rates of dietary-related illnesses, such as celiac disease and lactose intolerance, are on the rise. Coincidence, correlation, or causation? Well, I’ll leave that debate for another sharepost. 


    For now, let’s learn how to make real food, real simple, starting with the first meal of the day. And don't be fooled by the ever-increasing volume of processed "natural" and gluten-free or sugar-free breakfast goodies on your grocery store shelf! In a world of mass-manufactured food products, getting back to basics and cooking nutrient-rich real food with and for your family is the most important thing you can do for optimal health and well-being. 

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    The best recipes are both delicious AND simple. They don’t require the skills of a chef, or even a sous-chef. My fast and simple Mexican Breakfast Skillet recipe from Borne Appétit uses just six ingredients and can be prepared in about 20 minutes — from stovetop to tabletop. This makes getting back to basics and cooking a good breakfast from scratch practical for even the busiest of families. This breakfast skillet is a quick and budget-friendly dinner, too, because let’s be honest, Americans love their omelets — so any time is a good time for breakfast. 


    I know you’re hungry, so, without further delay, here is the recipe for my Paleo, dairy-free Easy Mexican Breakfast Skillet.

    Easy Mexican Breakfast Skillet from Borne Appétit 

    Serves 3-4



    Ghee for greasing the pan

    1 unpeeled sweet potato, washed and diced

    3 smoked andouille chicken sausage links, diced (these are the big links not breakfast sausage size; I use Trader Joe’s because locally-sourced are not available here)

    1/2 yellow onion, peeled and diced

    Salt (to taste) 

    Caribbean Jerk seasoning (to taste)

    8 organic brown eggs locally-sourced

    1/2 of an avocado, sliced

    Hot pico de gallo salsa (to taste)



    Frying pan/skillet and lid


    Cutting board





    1. Add ghee to the skillet and melt over medium heat. 
    2. Add the diced sweet potato, sausage, and onion to the skillet and cover. Add the spices to taste. Cook until tender, about 10-minutes, stirring halfway through the cooking time.
    3. Crack the eggs open one by one over the skillet ingredients. Cover and cook for 2-4 minutes, depending how runny or well done you like your eggs.
    4. To serve, place a wedge of 2-3 eggs and veggies and sausage onto a plate. Top with a few slices of avocado and hot pico de gallo salsa.


    Cooking a healthy breakfast really is as simple as that!


    Living life well-fed,

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Published On: September 20, 2014