The Coconut Water Question: Does it Help Weight Loss?

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  • Coconut water entered the market with a bang and now, years later, the chime from that initial boom still can be heard. The question at hand is whether that explosive entry was a legitimate mover and shaker moment, or just an over-hyped noise.


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    When it made its American market debut, coconut water carried with it some pretty bold contentions. It was said to be able to combat viruses, kidney disease, and osteoporosis. 


    It was claimed that coconut water could help resist bacteria and fungi. Not only that, but it could boost thyroid function, improve control of blood sugar, increase energy and digestion, lower cholesterol, and help to control weight.

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    As it turned out, the contentions about coconut water were more sound and fury than science-based fact. Claims that it was a superior choice for athletes were exaggerated as well. It seems that coconut water has no advantage over sports drinks or, for that matter, plain old water when it comes to hydrating folks after a workout.   


    Coconut Water for Weight Loss: Point

    Another contention is that coconut water can aid weight loss, and there is truth in that. 


    For one thing, coconut water keeps you hydrated. Hydration is important for weight loss because a dehydrated state causes metabolism to slow. When in a dehydrated condition, calories are burned at a slower rate than usual. If you are trying to lose weight, this is obviously not desirable. Therefore, one thumb up for coconut water -  although it has already been pointed out that water will hydrate just as well.


    Point two is that coconut water has a high fiber content. Fiber has no calories, and it can keep you feeling full for longer. Most juices have a poor fiber content because juicing removes the solid part of the fruit where the fiber is contained. On that note, a second thumbs up for coconut water. 


    Point three is that coconut water contains zero cholesterol and is quite low in fat. That makes three thumbs up. 


    Coconut Water for Weight Loss: Counter Point

    Let's return to hydration for a moment. The simple fact is: there are quite a few different ways to hydrate. In that department, coconut water is hardly bells and whistles. There are many other choices that can perform the same service. 


    The point about fiber is valid as long as coconut water is compared to other drinks. In that capacity the fiber content is impressive but, when compared to many solid foods, coconut water loses some of its glow. Fiber can be collected much easier from fruits and vegetables. The results are not only better, but the price is lower as well.


    Regarding the cholesterol advantage...well, there really isn't one. Whereas cholesterol comes with food from animals such as fish and cheese, it is unlikely that it will be found in something you drink. Most drinks can stake a claim to having zero cholesterol. 


    That said, coconut water can still be a useful addition to your diet. The three thumbs up are valid. The bottom like is I drink coconut water because I like the taste. That's about as simple as it gets.  


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Published On: November 07, 2014