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    Founded in 1983, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) is the largest society of its kind in the world and seeks to improve health and well-being by addressing the disease of obesity and related diseases. 


    The society advances metabolic and bariatric surgery by improving the quality and safety of treatment for those who are obese or have a related disease. These efforts include establishing advancements in metabolic and bariatric surgery, increasing understanding of obesity, advocating for health care policies that advance prevention and treatment of obesity, and educating both the public and professionals.

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    ASMBS has coupled with some of the medical industry's high profile companies to improve communication between their organization, the members, and professional in the field. These relationships help the ASMBS to further provide education for the membership as well as bariatric professionals. 


    Patient Education

    The ASMBS website includes a Patient Learning Center where a good amount of useful information about obesity and bariatric surgery is easily accessed. It defines obesity as the disease that it has come to be recognized as and points out the benefits of bariatric surgery as a surgical intervention that can improve health and quality of life for those who have the procedure.  


    Furthermore, it informs about adolescent obesity, who is a candidate for bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery procedures, surgery for diabetes, misconceptions about the surgery, medical tourism, and the impact of obesity on individuals.        


    There is also a video on the website titled "It Starts Today - How obesity surgery helps people reclaim their lives," that merits a look from those interested in having bariatric surgery.   


    It Starts Today

    "It Starts Today" is an informative video that runs about seven-and-a-half minutes, and gives an overview on the benefits of bariatric surgery from the perspectives of three different patients: a nurse, a U.S. Navy veteran, and a former athlete.


    Teresa Bell Stevens, a nurse at Stanford Medical Center, relates her story and shows the viewer that obesity is not a condition we are born into (her weight gain came after having a baby). She exemplifies that even medical professionals are subject to the trappings of the disease.


    Elliot Avidan is a former naval officer who became obese after retirement from the military. He left the navy weighing 180 pounds, filled out to over 300 pounds and developed sleep apnea and diabetes. 


    Jamie Dukes is a former NFL football player who shares that even professional athletes are subject to obesity although they were once in prime condition. 


    All three tell about the decline in quality of life and health, and the fears they experienced because of those declines. They also tell about the decision to have weight loss surgery and the benefits of having made the decision. 


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    Weight loss surgery offers patients the opportunity to reclaim their health and their lives. For more information, visit the ASMBS website.



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Published On: December 03, 2014