• If you are an obese person you are fully aware of all of the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that come with your condition.  I want to assure that this shared post will not be another reminder to you of the inherent dangers that come with obesity.  In fact this shared post is written with the intent to avail you of some positive steps that you can take you improve.


    I believe that most people across the world treat obesity as a condition that can be cured by restriction.  We here proof of this everyday in that dietitians and other practitioners focus their approach to weight loss by restricting calories.  They are so blindly led by the 1st law of thermodynamics that they allow it to cloud their understanding of metabolism.

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    Let me explain what I mean.  As it relates to diet the 1st law of thermodynamics is true.  If you burn more calories than you take in you will lose weight, that is true.   At least until your metabolism slows down and your ability to expend energy is lost.  At this point all your will power alone will be left to keep you expending energy.  Which you know better than anyone that will power only lasts so long.  Normally until you end up injuring yourself.  This is where your conundrum lies.  What do you do when this happens?


    What do you do when everyone around you is telling you that you need to exercise and you can't because you are in excrutiating pain?


    Well I have some thoughts for you that will help if you choose to follow them.  What I understand is that obesity is normally caused by a lack of nutrition.  Now I know many people are going to say how could there be a lack of nutrition in someone who is obese?  The answer is very simple.  When your body does not get the nutrition it needs in the amount it needs it, it will begin to hoard and you will gain weight. 


    Here is another absolute truth.  Lack of nutrition leads to degeneration, disease and pain.  Therefore for an obese person to lose weight they must go through the healing process first.  Using proper nutrition alone the healing process will cause a short term, minimal weight gain.  Then when your body is ready to detoxify it will begin to dump what it has accumulated.  This is where you will experience weight loss. 


    The great thing about this process is you will lose weight, feel better and therefore the likelihood of you keeping the weight off will increase trememdously.  Now if you don't believe me I want you to print this shared post and take to a trusted, educated weigh loss or healthcare professional.  If they are honest they will tell you that I am right and you have legitimate hope for life beyond obesity.


    I hope this helps!


    Jason Chiero, CPT, Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor

Published On: September 29, 2010