Whole Foods Offers Deep Discounts for Healthy Employees

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  • You work for a pretty good company whose product line includes a range of foods that have zero (really zero) trans fat, healthy and many times organic ingredients; a company that values healthy lifestyle habits, peaceful karma and a welcoming smile for customers. Of course all employees get a company discount (20%), but now comes a new program, meant to inspire a deeper commitment to healthier goals.


    Whole Foods will give a 30% discount to personnel who don't smoke, have low blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass. It's a voluntary program which will offer free baseline screenings and then follow up screening intervals. Those with "platinum" health status get the full 30% discount, those with gold status get 27%, silver status gets 25% and bronze win 22% off purchases made in the store. If you choose not to join, you still get the standard 20% discount. Management is hoping the discount program will spur the workforce to slim down and shape up. Of course there are groups who feel the program fosters discrimination and a judgment of how people look. But the company feels it is a voluntary program and that those who choose not to participate are simply passing on a great opportunity to improve their health profile and their wallets.

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    So what do you think? Do we need more programs - that are voluntary- but that offer free health screenings and encouragement to shift lifestyle habits? Do we call it workplace interference or workplace health support? Is it unfair to use rewards to encourage healthy changes? Is it reasonable that a company, who has to spend significant dollars on health related issues that are partially caused by dietary choices and sedentary attitudes, offer incentives to workers who better their health?


    What do you think??



Published On: February 24, 2010